New is exciting. New is interesting. Above all, new is just different. And therein lies the conundrum: new is good, but different canbe...unwelcome. At least, at first. But Hollywood proves that if you take time to understand the new and different, everyone benefits. The "New Guy In Town" plot device is well-worn, but that's for good reason. It teaches us about so many things, like tolerance, understanding, dancing, demonic kids, and other stuff that can be freaky. All good things.


1. "Footloose"

Ah, perhaps the high point of the "new guy" genre. Kevin Bacon, dancer extraordinaire (at least his body double is, anyway), comes to a repressed town. A town where dancing is taboo. But his spirit can't be held down, and he teaches everyone that pop-locking and such is good for the soul.


2. "Never Been Kissed"

In a little twist on the "new kid" genre, Drew Barrymore goes undercover as a new high school student, about fifteen years past the appropriate age. The formerly-tormented Drew sees that not much has changed–kids are still mean, apparently–but with the help of the world's dumbest catchphrase (seriously, what the hell is "Rufus"?), she teaches the values of acceptance.


3. "The Craft"

Not often do "new kids" possess cool witchcraft powers. And it's less often they meet up with three other similarly gifted youngsters. But we're glad they joined forces, because the foursome combined to beat the crap out of Skeet Ulrich–always a good decision. Of course, "the new girl" had to check her fellow witches and stop the magical going on, teaching us all the value of practicing the black arts in moderation.


4. "Karate Kid"

It's tough to be the new kid at fifteen. Especially when 80's mainstay Billy Zabka is your nemesis. He and the Cobra Kai make life miserable for Daniel Larusso, but Daniel-son proves that believing in yourself and sanding an old guy's deck are all that's needed to prove to everyone how good you are at karate. And that's a lesson worth learning.


5. "Casper"

This movie is proof that you should never shun the new kid. Why? Because she might live in a sweet house with ghosts that know how to throw a good party. Plus, she could have a machine that returns the dead to the living. Yeah. Don't be so judgmental.


6. "Orphan" 

Okay, maybe sometimes it's alright to be judgmental. Especially if the "new kid" is a possibly psychotic Eastern European girl. Only she's not a girl, she's a 30-year-old escaped mental patient who kills people. In that case, maybe different isn't so good.