Movies are a great escape and those movies targeting a young audience are no different. Taking your girlfriend to a children's movie, whether live action or animated, energizes the inner kid in each of you. That's a lively aphrodisiac that can make you two a little cozier or playful. Bet you didn't know though, that these movies are based on children's stories. Stories from childhood have some of the best book topics for movies. For example, the  blue bug peeping is from the film "A Bug's Life", but inspired by Aesop's Tales "The Ant and the Grasshopper." Originally formatted as kid's books, here are 5 more movies that will surprise you!

"The Apple Dumpling Gang"

Yes—you didn't know it was a novel, first, did you? The story was written by Jack Bickham four years before the debut of the movie starring the lovable Don Knotts  and comedian Tim Conway. Knotts and Conway play wacky, over-ambitious bank robbers after gold during the time of the California gold rush. It's slapstick Disney comedy at its best. With more comic routines than Abbot and Costello, the comedic's duo's antics helped spawn a sequel and a television pilot.


"Shrek!" written as a children picture book by William Steig in 1990 opened the door for a wildly popular Academy Award-winning animated film. At a time when the film world showed a burgeoning resurgence in animation, "Shrek" capitalized on the movement by employing A-list celebrities as the voice-over artists, resurrecting  Eddie Murphy's flailing career in the bargain.


The Australian-American children's movie was also an adaptation from a children's story. "Babe" has the distinction of over-dubbed American voices to transform the Australian-British. Written as the novel, "The Sheep-Pig," by  Dick King-Smith, the movie "Babe" along with many of its animated predecessors also generated a sequel.

"Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory"

Not only a movie adaptation, but also adapted as a musical Willy Wonka first appeared in the book, "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" written in 1964  by renowned children's author Roald Dahl. The movie directed by Mel Stuart and starring Gene Wilder in the title role of "Willy" came out in 1971 with only a modest showing at the box office.  Author Roald Dahl also wrote the film's screenplay adaptation, featuring the infamous Charlie Bucket who visits the chocolate factory with a golden ticket along with four other lucky children from around the world.

"The Parent Trap"

The wacky movie about identical twin girls separated at birth belongs on this list. Identical twins Susan and Sharon meet each other in a sleep-away summer camp. Although initially detesting each other, they are forced to live together as punishment for the mean pranks they played on each other. When they discover they are actually full-blooded sisters, they scheme to get their divorced parents back together. Written as a novel "Lottie and Lisa," in 1949 by Erich Kasstner, the adaptations extend to several film versions.