You may not know it but a lot of your favorite movies have completely different endings. Things play out in a different way, sometimes leaving your favorite characters alive instead of killing them, sometimes leaving questions unanswered to make way for a sequel, and sometimes showing you how everything completely worked out. Here are six movies that you had no idea had alternate endings!


"Pineapple Express"

So in the original ending of "Pineapple Express" the two, Dale and Sal, end up in an all night diner, bloody and bruised with a new-found appreciation for their lives. They talk about the night before when they almost died and realize the importance of their friendship. In the alternate ending, they're both sitting on two barrels in the drug dealer's warehouse smoking pot. They look out into the distance and try to decide if they're hallucinating or if there is actually a 'bad guy' near them. They laugh and joke, when the bad guy shoots them both. They both die and Dale reaches over to hold Sal's hand. 


"Sweet Home Alabama"

In the original ending of "Sweet Home Alabama" Melanie goes looking for Jake at the beach after running away from her wedding to win him back. Their friend, a policeman, shows up and then takes them to the reception at Jake's mom's bar. In the alternate ending however, the writers tried to copy the scene from the beginning of the movie when they are kissing as children and get struck by lightening. After showing that they get struck Jake turns up at the wedding reception with Melanie lifeless in his arms and says, "Melanie Carmichael is dead, but Felony Melanie is alive!" and Melanie springs back to life. 



Remember when you were yelling at old Rose to not throw that priceless pendant into the ocean? When she stood at the edge of the ship and had it dangling from her hand? She just threw it out into the ocean, let out a whimper and that was that. Well, in the alternate ending, the crew spotted her and tried to convince her to let them hold it once, if not keep it. But she didn't listen to them either, despite their pleading and threw it anyway, just saying "Only life is precious."


"I Am Legend"

In the end of "I Am Legend," well the end that we were shown, Neville gives the cure to a woman and tells her to escape through the air vents with her son to safety, while makes the ultimate sacrifice and blows himself, as well as all the "beings," up with a hand grenade. In the alternate ending, Neville decides to give the infected people what they want, ie. the girl he had taken and was experimenting on. He hands her over and they just swipe her up and leave-- letting him live. 


"The Butterfly Effect"

After Ashton Kutcher (Evan) realizes he can travel back in time by reading his journals he decides to try and change the past to help the love of his life. Somehow, Evan always ends up being the reason for her pain. In the theatrical ending, Evan decides to go back in time and never meet the love of his life. She walks right by him on the street with no idea who he is. However, the director's cut ending is much darker. While Evan's watching a video of his mother pregnant with him, he is transported back into the fetus. He realizes his existence has only brought people pain, which causes him to strangle himself with his umbilical cord in the womb. 


"First Blood"

In the original ending of "First Blood" Rambo is hunted down by Teasle and a gunfight ensues. Before Rambo can shoot Teasle, the police arrive and he is cornered. There is no way out so Rambo tells his stories of the war and turns himself in. The movie ends as Rambo and Col. Trautman leave the police station. In the alternate ending it is only Col. Trautman that finds Rambo. Rambo does not want to be arrested so he pleads for Col. Trautman to just shoot him. He fulfills his wish, and walks away.