To maintain sanity you need to leave the sugary world of unicorns and fairy godmothers and take deep breaths in the darker world of werewolves and vampires. Bare your neck or charge your body shavers as you hunt down six movies like “Underworld” with fantasy action.


“The Howling”

Making interventions far scarier than being forced to tell your best friend you sold his kids to Canada for cigarette money, “The Howling” features an entire recovery center filled with the furry killing machines. A serial killer makes a journalist the object of his “affection” and she ends up with amnesia and thrown into werewolf central, where the only angst in their transformed hearts are who to eat next. Eschewing typical cover up endings, Karen’s public revelation of what she has become is a great scene.


“Silver Bullet”

Don’t forget a healthy dose of 80's fantasy action when perusing those “Underworld” type flicks out there. “Silver Bullet” tells the tale of a small town hunted by a werewolf who only a few young kids believe exits. With a paraplegic hero, a black sheep uncle, and one of the best wheelchairs ever made, this fantasy flick delivers the fun and terror, especially when Marty encounters the werewolf personally on the bridge.



With numerous poignant moments, “Stakeland” raises itself up from the low hanging fruit of a typical staking vampire in an apocalyptic world film and becomes something evolved yet still brutally animalistic. An enigmatic vampire killer, called Mister, rescues and trains a young man to be a hunter as they head towards a, perhaps, mythical safe city for humanity called “New Eden.” The simple hug between teacher and student after Belle is found resonates like an explosion in a small room, as this simple gesture is one of the loudest expressions in this stoic fantasy flick.



Whether an experiment in using a color palette as the plot or just ensuring enough Milla Jovovich are made to ensure future generations will keep her alive in their hearts, “Ultraviolet” has plenty of fantastical action that won’t stress your brain out. It’s an all out color splash as vampires face off against humans in the hopes to save a child that might be the vampires' salvation in “Ultraviolet.” Once you see the courier’s motorcycle go on a gravity punching bender, just sit back and enjoy the first of many scenes that won’t need any heavy lifting by your grey matter.


“Dog Soldiers”

Still a heavy hitter in the fantasy realm, “Dog Soldiers” has werewolves that want to make liver pate out of you instead of putting their tongue in your ear or being sullen in some ironic way in the back of a hipster 7-11 eatery. A military training group seeks refuge in a farmhouse only to be hunted by werewolves who do not want to make friends with them. Grabbing the Land Rover from the outbuilding is unadulterated tense horror that makes this a perfect movie like “Underworld.”


“Lesbian Vampire Killers”

Landing firmly on the vampire side of “Underworld” and with plenty of tongue-in-cheek humor, “Lesbian Vampire Killers” has two friends of varying success levels in life, set off on a road trip vacation only to end up in the middle of a vampire ritual/ancestral payback event. Adding to the horror is a possessive ex-girlfriend, a grumpy village, and a Vicar who might be a little too obsessed with his crusade against the vampires. With one of the best intro scenes to any vampire flick, watch as Fletch gets his own dressing down as he gets axed out of his current career path.