It's no secret; girls can be mean. Sure, boys can be mean, too, but girls seem to have the special brand of meanness that makes for great Hollywood fodder. The aptly-titled "Mean Girls" was a big hit that featured a number of stars, both new and old. But did you know that there have been quite a few other high-profile films that featured girls at their meanest? Here are six other films like "Mean Girls" that will tease you until you cry, and there may even be a few good examples of boys being mean, too!


This mean girls egomaniacal flick should come with tissues and a punching bag. The "Jawbreaker" storyline puts the "me" in mean as rich girls maneuver around a practical joke turned deadly. When a person sticks a jawbreaker in a mouth then tapes it with duct tape, even a dope could see that an accident is bound to happen. When a school geek gets wise to the gag, the mean girls must adapt, or face the consequences. So they adapt-with typically "mean" results!

"Girl, Interrupted"

Susanna Kaysen, portrayed by Winona Ryder, is institutionalized for downing an aspirin with a liquor chaser. Unstable drama, mischief, intimidation, eating disorders, skin cutting, suicide, psychotic behavior, self-realization, and one mean girl make this true mental teen story view worthy. Lisa, portrayed by Angelina Jolie, breeds anxiety through her blunt attitude and switchblade tongue. Lisa and Susanna have a confrontation after Lisa retrieves and reads her diary. Susanna tells heartless Lisa she is "already dead." The twisted world according to Lisa, the poster child for mean girls, spins out of control with self-realization.

"The Craft"

"The Craft" is a witch flick with two semi-hot chicks, one ruthless gothic mean girl, a good witch new comer, and a battle of spells in making all of their dreams and curses come true. The psych-gothic witch unleashes newly found powers that waters the bad seed in her own evil state of mind. Sarah Bailey, the good witch portrayed by Robin Tunney, tries to bind Nancy Downs, the evil witch portrayed by Fairuza Balk, from using her powers for evil. The ending is explosively predictable. Downs is one crazy witch!

"John Tucker Must Die"


Take three emotionally scarred girls with the ability to crush one popular guy's life for using them and you have "John Tucker Must Die." After multiple attempts at assassinating John Tucker's reputation at the school, a gang of females lift the bar from a mere smack on the knuckles by a ruler to an all out assault. It's an extremely funny movie full of mean girl tactics. But, of course, one girl falls for Tucker. It's enough to make you cry. You'll never guess who rules in the end! Mean girls, or snot jock?

"The Clique"

This 2008 tween flick about self-involved fashionable mean girls involves twelve year olds with cash and the gift of talking smack. If the destruction of designer clothes don't make you cry, the lengths these twelve year olds are willing to go to will. Sabotage and spreading rumors corners this school's local fashion scene. These mean girls stop live for their top dollar designer obsession. On top of all that, Tyra Banks was executive producer. Go figure.

"Cruel Intentions"


Sarah Michelle Gellar portrays Kathryn, a beautiful, power-hungry, manipulative student who toys with Sebastian, her step-brother. Ryan Phillippe plays Sebastian, a ruthless character willing to do anything just to have sex with his step-sister. After Sebastian unexpectedly dies, he's "resurrected" during his funeral while Kathryn is interrupted by people walking out as she's speaking. Kathryn investigates to find everyone reading copies (copied by the good girls) of Sebastian's diary-about Kathryn. Kathryn's cruel intentions are exposed, and everyone sees her for the mean girl that she really is.