If the world was a better place, we would just be able to buy anything that we wanted when we wanted. But unfortunately it doesn’t work like that, and we have to work in crappy jobs to earn our keep to pay our way. So having these kind of movies around doesn’t make it easy on the average person to resist the urge to just splash our cash as we please.



Will Ferrell’s trek from the North Pole to New York sees Santa’s favorite diminutive right-hand man make his home in an American department store. You can’t help but be enticed by the products on the shop's vast shelves.


"Sex and the City"

Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda spent six years on HBO living the perfect New York life, and the movie carried on this trend. They ate in classy restaurants, drank in fancy bars, and spent a tremendous amount on shoes, dresses, condoms and shoes, shoes, shoes....oh yeah, and shoes.


"Sex and the City 2"

The same as above but replace New York with Dubai. It’s still awful. And even when being chased by a large group of irate men Charlotte can't help but be enticed by the nearest souvenir hut.



Alicia Silverstone’s Cher was a shopaholic. She spent a heap of money in ridiculously expensive shops to cure her blues and it always seemed to help her get over her problems. Plus she always looked super fab with her new attire on.  


"Confessions of a Shopaholic"

It says it all in the title really, doesn’t it? Isla Fisher has to face her demons with mounting credit card bills to pay, but it all ends well because she falls in love. Just like real life then.



Kevin Smith's ode to his days wandering around the malls of New Jersey is a sweet, yet crude, tale of boys being boys as they buy comics, make terrible jokes, and run into Stan Lee. It just makes you want to buy stuff.