Jealousy is one of the most universal emotions there is. Whether you're nursing an unrequited crush, a new relationship, a long-lasting marriage, or some king of unorthodox romantic relationship, jealousy is probably a familiar feeling to you in one form or another. But it's sometimes helpful to find out you're not alone, so here are six of the best movies about jealousy, maybe they'll help take the edge off.

"The Unknown"

Insofar as actors can be associated with a particular emotion, Lon Chaney is probably the best actor at conveying jealousy onscreen. In many of his most famous roles, he plays a character that for one reason or another can't be with the woman he loves (probably because she's turned off by his hideous disfigurement or his loathsome personality). The best example of this is in "The Unknown," a gonzo thriller which has Lon going to great lengths to make his dream girl his real girl only things don't quite go as planned.

"Mad Love"

Sort of in the same vein as "The Unknown," "Mad Love" is a horror movie that features Peter Lorre largely motivated by jealousy in his monstrous deeds. He's got one hell of a crush on a performer in a local Grand Guignol theater, and after her boyfriend is injured in a train crash, Dr. Lorre replaces his hands with those of a recently-executed serial killer. Uh, things get weirder from there.

"Mildred Pierce"

Sometimes jealousy can take on slightly different forms, like in this noir corker starring Joan Crawford as the titular mother who would do anything for her kids - including murder (or would she?). Mildred has the grand opportunity to feel jealous of almost everyone, her husband, her new boyfriend, her daughter, and an assortment of rich jerks.

"Dial M For Murder"

Then again, sometimes jealousy takes exactly the form you'd expect. In this movie, Grace Kelly is Ray Milland's adulterous wife, and Milland responds by hiring a man to kill her. Don't feel too bad for Milland, though, he's kind of a jerk. Anyway, things go wrong, and Kelly ends up killing her attacker instead - but Milland still has more than one trick up his sleeve.


Jealousy isn't always directed at specific possessions or emotions. Sometimes it's the indefinable quality of genius that turns someone into a green-eyed monster. That's what the movie "Amadeus" is about, following composer Salieri in his jealous obsession with Mozart who he recognizes as a genius and is tormented by his relative mediocrity. Fun Hollywood escapism!

"Fatal Attraction"

Maybe the jealous boyfriend in you will come to his senses when he sees some truly crazy behavior from a member of the fairer sex. In "Fatal Attraction," Michael Douglas makes the tiny mistake of cheating on his wife. More specifically, cheating on his wife with Glenn Close, who is as crazy as crazy women get. Her jealousy even goes from run-of-the-mill pregnancy faking to full-on violence with a kitchen knife!