6 Movies About Invasion You Should Watch

Sunday, May 12 by Frost


It’s good to know your enemy but better to have them addicted to your secret recipe chocolate chip cookies, which is unfortunately useless when dealing with an invading force. Learn when to fight, when to give up and when to go back to sleep with these six movies about invasions you should watch.




Alien slugs land on earth via the less than perfect asteroid to meteorite delivery method and go about their business infecting the locals. Even the aliens can learn something from the invasion in “Slither.” If they hadn’t went as slugs, which are nature’s squishy toy, and instead looked like hedgehogs they could’ve spread a lot further before getting taken out. Brenda’s delivery scene will teach you that some aliens want your life instead of peanut butter candy or a quick, no questions asked probing but it will also find out just how fast your gag reflex really is.




Aliens drop by to stomp Earth and take our thinkboxes in “Skyline.” First lesson to be learned from this film is don’t stare into blue lights even if you’re far past sober and trying on Wrangler denim jackets at a K-Mart. Secondly, even if the aliens have massively overwhelming technology, love will somehow override technology. Once Jarrod and Elaine are captured, if you can watch the insanely advanced technology of the aliens focus on sucking out brains and not laugh until you cry then you are one of Earth’s future saviors.


“The Fifth Element”

The Fifth Element

The Great Evil is coming to snack on the Universe and all that stands against it is a cab driver, some monks and a genetically created warrior woman. The invasion in “The Fifth Element” is worth a watch as it teaches us that aliens can be our friends, our enemies and that religion and the government can be serious whack-a-moles when it comes to defending our planet so it’s best to follow your heart in that regard. When Dallas carries a dying Leeloo off the cruise ship, the sense that love will conquer even a galaxy sized evil (as long as it’s love backed by a tremendously powerful alien weapon) is nice to find in a science fiction film.


“The Thing”

The Thing

A near perfect example of the environment enhancing the terror, the barren landscape of Antarctica in “The Thing” provides a feeling of isolation combined with the potential deadliness of the cold. The alien hunts, it kills and it can assimilate with a great speed making this an invasion movie to not miss. As the alien creature gets discussed over the pool table now filled with parts from the alien’s ships, the feeling that this is exactly the conversation people would have upon discovering something like this makes the scene beyond powerful.


“The Green Lantern”

The Green Lantern

Sometimes it’s not about fighting to save humankind from invasion but having the good grace to just let it happen. If the cost to save the Earth is a lot of spandex, a ring that is worthless against fear and you get to be mocked by a ton of aliens, one of which looks like what would happen if that pig from “Babe” went off the rails you might as well forget it and start over on another planet. Once you see Green Lantern use his mighty creative powers to build a roller coaster to stop a crash versus say just grabbing it, you’ll realize this scene in “The Green Lantern” is the death knell for Earth for if this is the brave mind defending Earth we should all just go back to bed until it’s over.


“Village of the Damned”

Village of the Damned

Normally one can figure out who the invader is, whether they’re wearing pointy hats and you don’t or they’ve got eight tentacles and all you have are those cute opposable thumbs. The differences you can rely upon to tell enemy from friend don’t work when psycho little children are the invading force. As the children take control of the minds of some of the local constabulary and military, feel the fear inside you take over as you realize these aren’t the type of kids that can be shutdown with a Disney movie or some warm milk.

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