6 Movies About Divorce That Are Funny And Sad

Thursday, December 22 by Marina Zaven

Liar, Liar.

Liar, Liar jim carrey.jpg

Alongside the rubber-faced antics of Jim Carrey struggling underneath the curse of having to tell the truth, this comedy also captures the casual lies and betrayals at the root of so many broken couples. Carrey plays an ambitious attorney representing gold digger Jennifer Tilley in a high stakes divorce. At the same time, his young son, frustrated with one too many broken promises, makes a birthday wish that helps reconnect his estranged parents.

The War of the Roses.

The War of the Roses michael douglas.jpg

Danny DeVito may be better known for his feisty, furious and height-challenged persona that has been stealing scenes since 1975’s “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.” In 1989, he brought those same qualities to his direction of this 1989 fight to the finish. Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner play the warring Roses, who have poured all their yuppie ambition into the perfect house. When the marriage breaks up, neither can let go of the property and the escalating battle reaches both inane and insane levels.

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