6 Movies About Ancient Rome That Don’t Require a Toga

Thursday, January 12 by Joseph Gibson

roman ruins.jpg

Ah, ancient Rome. Probably the most famous ancient civilization, and the one that many history experts agree would be most hospitable to modern people. It’s not so different from our modern world: People go to work, eat at restaurants, and watch people kill each other for fun. If you’re in the mood for a jaunt down ancient Roman way, check out these six movies about ancient Rome. But remember, no roamin‘! Ha, just a little humor to lighten things up. You’ll appreciate that more once you meet the lions.

“Three Ages”

Three Ages movie.jpg

We are of course only concerned with one of the three ages in this Buster Keaton comedy classic, featuring Buster competing for a woman with Wallace Beery across three disparate eras: Prehistoric times, ancient Rome, and the contemporary 20s. The scenes set in ancient Rome might not be historically accurate, but they are hilarious.

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