Trailers are designed to seduce and allure each of it's viewers into partaking with their hard earned cash just to escape from their dreary lives for an hour or two. Most of them are successful in their attempts to do so with many movies able to increase their box office exponentially because of the clips that are involved in these 2-3 minute sequences. But there are some trailers which are so dull and pointless that you promise yourself you will do anything not to see this movie. Here are six movies that say absolutely nothing about the film. 

"Seven Pounds."

Will Smith's 2008 drama was poorly received by critics around the world but still wound up make an obscene amount of money at the international box office. However none of this was because of the unbelievably dull trailer which didn't reveal any of the films plot details to the point where people actually were pondering what they had just watched. My guess is that people just went to see Will Smith's beautiful face.

"The Dark Knight Rises"

Of course Christopher Nolan's epic superhero drama is bound to charm the pants off of us when it is finally released later this summer in 2012 but the trailer for "The Dark Knight Rises" has revealed absolutely nothing of the film's plot. Which is of course what the "Memento" director wanted to do but it has left fanboys of the franchise almost in tears with how little they know of the film.

"Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close"

This somehow-Oscar-nominated film's trailer is filled with almost every movie cliche known to man. There is a sad child, a deceased father, a national tragedy and a weeping mother all of which cause its viewers to get a little teary but it also makes them wonder what the hell the film will be about. Beyond pumping the audience full of sappy manipulative drivel, the trailer didn't reveal a whole lot of key information.

"Mr Popper's Penguins"

If all it takes to be a professional screenwriter is the words Jim Carrey and Penguins then every eleven year-old boy could be a writer. Of course, Carey is a comedy chameleon who can make even the most stoical man laugh however in the trailer for this 2011 film all we seem to see is "The Mask" star struggle with the Penguins for a little bit. Doesn't seem like much of film, does it?

"10 Things I Hate About You."

The trailer for Heath Ledger's break-out role makes this film look like another run of the mill chick flick which be instantly forgotten about. Of course upon its actual release the film was rightly lauded for being hilariously funny as well as emotional. Plus it was a modernization of a Shakespeare film, but the producers likely wanted to tap into the young teen market, which isn't always known for its appreciation of Shakespearean literature.


Another controversial choice but come on, an old man floats into the sky on his house carrying a Chinese boy with him by accident. It doesn't reveal too much about the films plot does it? But once again, upon viewing the film turns out to be a masterpiece of modern cinema. Nary a person could watch this movie without getting a little misty-eyed a time or two.