Time travel is something that everyone in life dreams about. Where would they go? What would they see? Would they change their lives? Of course if they were actually able to do these things drastic and horrendous consequences would occur. Cinema has always been the pre-eminent medium for expiring these events and we've compiled a list of travelers went back in time and meddled with their own past.

Marty McFly, "Back To The Future"

Ah Marty, the ultimate teen time traveler. By kissing his own mum and giving his dad the courage to punch Biff Tannen, Marty changes the lives of all his family irreparably for the better. It seems that actions that border on incest aren't always a bad thing.

Brook Bennett, "Hot Tub Time Machine"

Despite actually being quite disappointing as a comedy, "Hot Tub Time Machine" not only possesses one of the greatest cinema titles ever created but also a rather ingenious ending that sees Rob Corddry's Lou change the history of the world by staying back in the 1980s and  inventing everything from the iPod to Lougle.

Evan Treborn, "The Butterfly Effect"

Ashton Kutcher's attempts to be a credible actor saw him star in this mysterious sci-fi psychological thriller. When reading his childhood journals Evan (Kutcher) is able to transport to his past and relive previous events in his life subsequently creating different timelines. 

Doug Carlin, "Deja Vu"

Doug, played by Denzel Washington, assists in the investigation of a bombing and is given the ability to travel to the past in attempts of catching the terrorist as well as preventing the explosion. In the process Doug finds himself falling in love with Claire (Paula Patton), a victim of the bombing, and decides to save her life at the expense of his own.

Colter Stevens, "Source Code"

Duncan Jones' ingenious follow up to his sci-fi epic "Moon" was this time-bending brain teaser starring Jake Gyllenhaal as Colter Stevens. In this flick Stevens is on a mission to discover the identity of a terrorist bomber by repeatedly reliving the last 8 minutes prior to the explosion. In doing so he falls in love with Christina (Michelle Monaghan) and attempts to save her life, but at what cost to the timeline?

Biff Tannen, "Back To The Future II"

At the beginning of "Back To The Future II" Doc Brown and Mary McFly journey to 2015 where an elderly Biff Tannen steals the time traveling DeLorean and sets to amend his life with the guidance of a sports almanac that he hands to his young self. Cue a different time line that has severely altered everyone's life.