There have been many movies over the years featuring the U.S Navy. The more popular that come to mind are "Top Gun," "Tora, Tora, Tora," and "Men of Honor." However, there are also some great naval movies featuring submarines. Below are six submarine movies that have taken sailors to new depths. 


"Down Periscope"

Kelsey Grammer stars as Lieutenant Commander Thomas Dodge, a goofy naval officer in charge of an equally goofy naval crew. However, what takes this movie to new depths is hotter-than-hell co-star, Lauren Holley and her tight top showing off her ample breasts. Anchors away!


"Crimson Tide"

Starring Gene Hackman and Denzel Washington, "Crimson Tide" is about a nuclear sub commanded by Captain Frank Ramsey (Hackman) that is assigned to take out a Russian extremist who managed to take control of a nuclear missile installation. Because they were unable to decode an urgent message, Ramsey and executive officer, Commander Ron Hunter (Washington) had a major disagreement, causing a mutiny which divided the entire crew.  


"U - 571"

A very good submarine movie that was filmed in 2000, the sailors of "U-571" went to new depths when they took over a damaged German U-boat. The brave American sailors had to disguise themselves as Germans, overrun the enemy crew, figure out how to operate the damaged sub, make life sacrifices, and avoid enemy crafts. This is a film that is worth seeing several times.


"The Hunt for Red October"

Another fantastic submarine movie, "The Hunt for Red October" is based on one of Tom Clancy's popular thrillers. Sean Connery plays the role of Marko Ramius, a Soviet captain in charge of Red October. Ramius decides to defect to the United States, and in order to do so, he kills one of his fellow officers, lies to his crew, and successfully evades the Russian submarine set out to intercept him. Ramius did eventually make it to the U.S, but had to take him and his crew to new depths in order to do so.


"20,000 Leagues Under the Sea"

"20,000 Leagues under the Sea" is one of the most popular submarine movies ever. Not only does the film take sailors to new depths, the film was Disney's first science-fiction film. The movie centers around Captain Nemo (played by James Mason) who attacks ships by ramming them just below the ocean line, making it look as though the vessels were attacked by a large sea monster.


"The Abyss"

"They Abyss" succeeded in taking the special forces of the United States military to new depths. The 1989 science-fiction film follows the journey of a team of Navy SEALS as they are ordered to investigate the destruction of the USS Montana near the Cayman Trough. What the special forces team finds out is that there is extraterrestrial life forms residing at the bottom of the ocean.