You have all been snitched on. Sometimes it is only because you have committed a minor crime; other times it is because you have stolen an item or murdered somebody. Even when the offense is small, you still feel an obligation to maim and strangle the person who snitched on you. Cinema has always looked to show the true effects of tattling on an individual with snitches more often than not ending up with stitches. So here are six movie snitches who eventually got the stitches they deserved.

Frank Serpico, "Serpico".

Al Pacino's Frank Serpico just wanted to clean up the police force. Good old trustworthy Frank went to the press with information about police corruption, and this lead to other members of the force wanting revenge for their friends. Thus, Serpico was shot in the face. It seems a little harsh.

Fredo Corleone, "The Godfather Part II".

Fredo's name has become synonymous with those members of somebody's family who are utterly useless. But Fredo had his own plans and agendas; he wanted to make his own money, and after providing information to Hyman Roth that leads to an assassination attempt on Michael Corleone, Fredo is ordered to be killed by his own brother.

Chauncy, "Menace II Society".

Annoyed after Caine hits his noggin with a pistol, Clifton Powell's Chauncy decides to snitch on Tyrin Turner's Caine by handing in a surveillance video of him and his friend O-Dog robbing a convenience store and killing the owners. Unfortunately, you never find out if he ends up in need of stitches, but his name has become an updated version of Judas.

David Kleinfeld, "Carlito's Way".

When the lawyer Kleinfeld, played by Sean Penn, becomes intrinsically entangled in his client's wrongdoing (his client being the criminal Carlito Brigante), Kleinfeld decides to snitch on his friend with false charges. Carlito in return empties Kleinfeld's gun, leaving him defenseless for when the son of a mafia boss eventually come to kill him.

Cypher, "The Matrix".

Joe Pantoliano's Cypher decides to make a deal with Agent Smith, Hugo Weaving, in order to live a blissfully ignorant life in a CGI world. Unfortunately, he is zapped to death before he can get a chance to live his fake life of Riley.

Frank Costello, "The Departed".

There are so many people screwing each other over in Martin Scorsese's "The Departed" that it is almost impossible to follow. In the end, Frank has been feeding information to the Boston police so that he could stay one step ahead of them, often giving up his fellow gangsters to save himself before eventually getting killed by one of his own snitches, Matt Damon's Colin Sullivan. Did you get all that? If not, just watch the damn movie.