Peter Berg’s 2012 watery epic was always destined to receive poor reviews once the pop star Rihanna and model Brooklyn Decker were added to the cast. Yet there is actually quite a bit to love about this science fiction war film, especially when five alien spacecrafts arrive on earth to wreak havoc. But if you’re still craving to see some sailors on the high seas, here are six movie sailors who aren’t in "Battleship."



In Steven Spielberg’s classic, Brody, Shaw and Hooper take to the ocean to save the good people of Amity Island from the teeth of a great white shark which has been terrorizing them for days. It's like "The Odd Couple" on water, with an extra man, and even though not everyone makes it back to dry land, they finally get the job done.



It would appear that Spielberg has a thing for anarchy on the ocean. This tale is based on the true story of an uprising in 1839 by newly captured African slaves on-board the ship La Amistad and the political ramifications that are caused by it. It’s Djimon Hounsou’s Sengbe Pieh who leads the mutiny.


“Charlie St. Cloud”

Zac Efron’s Charlie St. Cloud is shrouded in grief after the death of his brother, which, to be fair, was basically all his own fault, and can only escape it by sailing around the world with his new beau, Amanda Crew’s Tess Carroll.


“Dead Calm”

Sam Neill and Nicole Kidman play the married couple John and Rae Ingram, who decided to take a vacation on their yacht in order to get over the death of their son. But after finding Billy Zane’s Hughie Warner stranded in the middle of the sea, they decide to take him on board only to find out he isn’t quite as helpless as they thought.


“Master And Commander: The Far Side of the World”

Peter Weir adapts Patrick O’Brian’s Aubrey-Maturin series with Russell Crowe and Paul Bettany taking the two lead roles, and the duo bicker over the chance to explore the Galapagos islands and do battle with the French.


“The Master”

Joaquin Phoenix’s Freddie Quell is a lost soul after the Second World War, an era that he spent in the Navy. And even when we see him on screen, alongside his fellow seaman, Quell appears to be a drunkard who is completely obsessed with sex.