As overlords go, sometimes a robot overlord is preferable to, say, an alien overlord or even a human overlord. For instance, you don't have to worry about a robot overlord getting angry at you for failing to perform your allotted task, as robots do not feel anger or any other emotions. The worst a robot overlord could do is liquidate you and your entire family. Which when you think about it is still kind of bad. Here are six robot overlords from the magical world of the movies.

Gort, "The Day The Earth Stood Still"

Gort might not look like much of a robot overlord at first glance - he appears to take his orders from Klaatu, the supposedly benevolent alien visitor in this classic of 1950s science fiction, for one. But when you consider that one version of the screenplay had a twist ending in which it was revealed that Gort was actually the leader, there's not much in the movie that would contradict this. He's got unbelievable power - and all he wants is for we humans to stop fighting.

HAL 9000, "2001: A Space Odyssey" 

So strictly speaking, HAL is more of a computer overlord than a robot one, since he doesn't seem to have any outwardly moving parts. But he's made of metal and goes insane and kills a bunch of astronauts, so who are we to argue? His glowing red "eye" is a lot more terrifying than your typical cyborg, too.

Ash, "Alien"

Funny thing about robot overlords: Sometimes they have bosses too. In the case of Ash, senior science technician aboard the USS Nostromo, his bosses are the Weyland-Yutani corporation, and their directive is to bring a specimen of the highly dangerous alien species of the film's title back to Earth - by any means necessary. Since Ash is a robot, this involves some conscience-free attempted murder of some of the crew's flesh-and-blood members.

The Machines, "The Matrix" 


Like all robot overlords, the machines in the "Matrix" movies have a problem: Energy. How do you get enough energy to power the robots that have taken over the entire world? In "The Matrix," the answer is simple: You steal the energy from humans. They won't need it anyway, since they'll live from cradle-to-grave in fluidy battery pods, their minds in a computerized dream world known as The Matrix. What could go wrong?

Skynet, The "Terminator" Films

A robot overlord is only as good as the robots it commands, which would make Skynet one of the best of the bunch. Various model Terminators such as the T-800, the liquid metal T-1000 and the hot female terminator T-X are at its disposal, as well as an army of hunter/killer robots and a time machine in order to go back in time to kill the leader of the human resistance before he's even born.

Chitti, "Enthiran"

His name is Chitti - speed: One terrahertz, memory: One zetabyte. And in the wild scifi action movie from India "Enthiran," he goes from docile robot servant to murderous robot overlord, and he's a lot cooler in the latter function. He commands an army of identical robots who are able to combine into various forms and basically just cause mass destruction. Mass destruction: The pride of any robot overlord!