6 Movie Production Designs That Mirror Apple

Tuesday, October 4 by

2. Demolition Man

It’s my theory that, in the near future, all Apple products will resemble Sylvester Stallone. Not really, but wouldn’t that be something? Yeah, I guess that would be more “awful” than “something.” Anyway, while much of the Demolition Man landscape is baroquely ornate (as movies set in the future often are), there are inexplicable moments of Apple-like simplicity, such as the background of this white set, and the concept of using the “three seashells” to wipe your ass. That sounds very Apple to me.

1. Aeon Flux

This movie is often overlooked in most every aspect of its production, but the design of this film is remarkably striking and advanced for a film that no one seems to remember. While the sets aren’t quite as clean or sleek, it still maintains much of the simplistic sensibility that we use in our day-to-day lives. Also, Charlize Theron looks like what Apple would come up with if they were tasked with designing a sex doll.

Speaking of which, how much money would Apple make if they broke into that industry?

I’m thinking, and I’m just spitballing here, but I think the answer is ALL the money.

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