6 Movie Production Designs That Mirror Apple

Tuesday, October 4 by

4. Minority Report

Minority Report, released in 2002, attempted to predict the technologies of 2054. While precogs and vertical streets are still a ways off, the touch/hand-reading interface that Tom Cruise uses to amass his information looks to be a future cousin of an iPad, and the simplicity of the devices, like the phone, seem to be something Apple is about eight months away from developing. They are still twelve months away from developing a version that gets decent reception and doesn’t require the user to hold it a certain way.

Further, as you’ll see from the above image, it’s pretty much a given that every store is going to look like an Apple store in a few years.

3. Tron (The Old One)

While the new one maintains the same DNA as the 1982 original, the original has a certain monochromatic design with one color “popping” as the glowing Apple does on the back of laptops and on the lesser-bought AppleTV. I’m guessing that more people in the Tron universe have mustaches than those on the Apple design teams, but hipsters abound these days, so the truth is really anyone’s guess.

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