6 Movie Production Designs That Mirror Apple

Tuesday, October 4 by
I'm willing to bet Steve Jobs modeled his office after this.  

With their periodic press conferences now monopolizing headlines, it’s hard to get Apple to exit your consciousness, especially if you have to write about films that ostensibly have nothing to do with the tech giant.

Well, production design is an aspect of films that often goes overlooked due to the fact that it can’t (easily) be attributed to a single person. However, it’s easy to see and recognize thematic similarities in the “look” of many films, many of which mirror the sleek, simple interface and aesthetic that Apple products have firmly entrenched in our lives. Strangely enough, these films largely come from late 70’s, and even those that don’t are forward-looking rather than contemporary. So why are no current films taking the look of the ubiquitous products to win the hearts and minds of audiences?

Probably cause all the designers that have the Apple sensibilities have been scooped up by Apple.

6. 2001

While the year 2001 didn’t give us quite the stark shiny white surfaces that this Kubrick sci-fi classic teased us with, it’s hard to look at those hibernation chambers and not think of the MacBooks that share the simple white design.

Of course, my iPod hasn’t become sentient and self-aware the way HAL did, but that’s probably just a matter of time.

“iPod, play the Spin Doctors “Two Princes.”

“I’m afraid I can’t let you do that, Penn.”

5. A Clockwork Orange

Another Kubrick film makes the list with A Clockwork Orange, a satirical look forward at 1995 London. Thankfully, London, nor any other place looked anything like this in 1995. While the design here is clearly more edgy and twisted than 99% of the industrial design out there (My MacBook Pro doesn’t have a tuft of fuchsia pubic hair, I don’t think), it screams “clean and simple,” the same words Steve Jobs no doubt screamed at his designers as they were working 100-hour weeks in order to meet a production deadline.

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