The name "Prince Charming," originally created by the Disney Pixar corporation, is and will remain one of the leading causes for many girls' unrealistic expectation of boys. Every girl believes there is only one guy out there for her that will magically whisk her away from all her problems and give her everything she could possibly desire-her  very own Prince Charming.  Remember when the royal wedding was being broadcasted on television and every girl's eyes were glued to the screen? Well they were all imagining how it would be to marry a prince. If you want to shake your girl out of that Prince Charming dazed obsession, make her watch any of these 6 movies to show her truly disgusting and horrifying movie princes that no girl could call Prince Charming!

Prince Uday Hussein in "The Devils Double"

Dominic Cooper plays Prince Uday Hussein, Saddam Hussein's demonic son in "The Devil's Double." This so-called prince kills, tortures, and rapes anyone he pleases. While in a hotel with his bodyguards, Prince Uday spots a newlywed at her reception that he finds beautiful so he snatches her up and rapes her, causing the bride to be so devastated that she kills herself! His horrible acts go on and on-the drugs, sex, and power are never enough and he's constantly craving more.


Prince Charming in "Shrek"

So this Prince Charming is everything a girl would think a Prince Charming would look like; tall, broad, strong, exceptional jaw line, and has a full head of hair. However, his actions place him in the "villains" category, taking all the charm away from his misleading name. He's what we call a complete tool. He's vain; always looking in the mirror and constantly trying to sabotage Princess Fiona's marriage. To make matters worse, he doesn't attempt to foil the marriage because he loves her, he does it because he wants power and to be be King!


Prince Louis in "Marie Antoinette"

Marie Antoinette is only a young girl when she marries Prince Louis, but she is just as beautiful and charming as all the older poised women in the royal court. He may look like a decent guy, but he's not a prince any girl could call charming. He barely speaks to his wife, never stands up for her, and probably doesn't even know the meaning of the word romance! What really takes the cake (no pun intended to Marie Antoinette) is that when Marie Antoinette was unable to produce him a son (even though we all know that that depends on the guy's DNA!), he sends her to live in a castle in another city.


Hamlet in "Hamlet"

We know how a lot of women look at young Mel Gibson as a sex symbol because of his good looks and hot body. However, that is one thing he is most definitely NOT in this movie! Gibson plays Hamlet in "Hamlet." When Hamlet finds out that his uncle murdered his father, he spins into a vengeful rage. His need for revenge is so strong he forgets about anything and everything else in his life. His behavior not only ruins his life, but also results in the death of his fiancée!


Prince John in "Robin Hood"

Prince John is the youngest of King Henry's sons. He is a wicked, greedy, and selfish prince who takes all the money in the kingdom for himself, leaving his subjects poverty stricken. He is the main villain in "Robin Hood" because of his evil actions. He is insecure, immature, and has no idea how to deal with Robin Hood or how to run his Kingdom. No girl could ever call such a narcissistic, malicious man Prince Charming. 


Prince Nizam in "Prince of Persia"

When you think of the movie, "Prince of Persia," we're sure the first thing that comes to mind is the sexy, courageous Jake Gyllenhaal. However, we're here to talk about the evil prince. Overcome with greed and jealousy, Prince Nizam kills the King (his brother!) in order to take his place. If that isn't enough, he frames his innocent and brave nephew, Gyllenhaal, for the horrendous act! No girl could ever even dream of calling such a hideous man Prince Charming, especially when he doesn't hesitate before killing his own brother!