Come on Hollywood, you can't be that bereft of ideas that you have to simply churn out the same measly garbage every twelve months, each time spinning a semblance of originality out of it's turgid veins to convince a new audience to watch it! Oh, apparently you are. It seems strange to think that tinsel town used to produce the most vibrant artistic creations in the world at some stage over the last 100 years but now it has turned into a procession of mediocrity. But which scenarios can we really do without seeing again? Here are six movie plots you've seen over and over again.


A wasted mind.

We get it, some people from poor areas are also quite clever. They just haven't had the surroundings to let their wonderful minds grow and prosper. So someone will arrive, recognize their genius and help them grow into sublime individuals. Not only is this narrative condescending but it's been done to death with "Sister Act", "Dangerous Minds," and "Finding Forrester" being the main culprits.


Teen Slasher.

For any semi-attractive woman left alone in a dark and dingy home there is an 87% chance that you are going to be stabbed to death by an insane murderer. Of course, as people begin to investigate this girl's demise more and more of her friends also get killed with the most attractive women being ended in compromising situations. You just need to look at "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre," "Halloween," and "Scream."


Alien Invasion.

We all know that there are aliens out there, Hollywood has just about shown us every possible way in which these extra-terrestrials are going to infiltrate our planet. Of course we are so arrogant that these people never come in peace and are only after destroying us, which they are unable to do because we are so strong and impressive. You should check out "Independence Day," "Mars Attacks," and "Signs" for lessons with how to deal with these invaders.


Sporting Underdogs.

Sporting underdogs manage to overcome many obstacles which can include family battles, drug problems, and actually not being very talented. But in the end they are able to come out on top and defeat their competitors, or if they don't end up victorious they have defeated some kind of personality trait. Watch "Rocky," "Million Dollar Baby," and "Coach Carter" for more information.


Ugly Teenager Becomes Pretty.

Most male teenagers are very fickle beasts. All they want is the most popular girl in school and when they can't get her there is no one else possible of replacing her place in their heart. But there are a host of films which show that these book-smart losers can turn into beautiful swans, come the correct time and place, as has been seen in "Clueless," "Can't Buy Me Love," and "Love Don't Cost a Thing."


Zombie Apocalypse.

We get it. Zombies are coming and they are going to eat all of our brains and leave us just like them. It seems like the best place to hide out in all this is some kind of shop or mall, which will ultimately get quite dull to the point that you want to leave and join the undead brothers. Check out "Zombieland," "Dawn of the Dead," and TV's "The Walking Dead."