6 Movie Pets That Are Smarter Than Their Owners

Tuesday, February 21 by Gregory Wakeman

Clever_Animals.jpeg garfield-the-cat-30th-anniversary.jpeg


Yes he's lazy and holds a penchant for lasagna but these are the reasons to love Garfield. If we all had the option we would sit around eating meat based products for the rest of our days. Stupid responsibilities are what get in the way.



Gromit – "Wallace & Gromit."



Maybe the greatest dog to ever grace celluloid, Gromit controls his master Wallace without ever receiving the credit is due. All without uttering one word. Good boy.


Agent 11 – "See Spot Run."


A dog who needs to placed into the witness protection camp must be doing something right. Especially when the dog has bitten off a mafioso's testicle in doing so. After breaking free to a suburban household Agent 11, helps David Arquette's character fall in love before being reunited with Michael Clarke Duncan's Murdoch but does he want to stay with his owner? Heart wrenching scenes soon ensue. 


Every Animal – "Dr Doolitle."



All of these animals seem like Albert Einstein when compared to Eddie Murphy.


Babe – "Babe."



Babe is a lovable pig who is able to break down every barrier before him to become a sheepdog. That not only take's quite a lot of intelligence but it also requires some the grit and determination that you just don't expect from anything that pink.


Remy – "Ratatouille."



Without Remy, Linguini would be jobless, homeless and probably lifeless. It's safe to say that no other animated movie character has ever relied on a rat more than this want to be chef in cinematic history.

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