There's something to be said for the art of ninjitsu. For all of its nefarious cinematic applications, it's really beautiful in its own way. No one makes for a more deadly assassin, with their silent approaches and unseen exits. Enjoy the quiet with a few stoic assassins like these 6 movie ninjas who can kill in silence.

Snake Eyes, “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra”

The ultimate in silent killing machines, Snake Eyes is no chatterbox when it comes down to swordplay and death-dealing. Sure, you might argue that he can’t actually talk so killing in silence might be easier for him than most, but he’s the one with the swords so you might want to just let that argument lie. His duel with Storm Shadow at Cobra’s base is a lesson in adrenaline-fueled quickness and skill, making for a great dueling scene as well as a showcase of his killing abilities in "G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra."

Elektra, “Elektra”

It’s sad to see any character played by Jason Isaacs die when it’s not the last few minutes of the film, but at least his death was at the hands of a ninja in “Elektra." Sure she turns into a softie when tasked with killing the father of a girl she made friends with but she never turns away from her talent for killing. Watch the true silent killer at work as Elektra takes out the super villain Tattoo with a nice neck readjustment.

Raizo, “Ninja Assassin”

Bred for the life but not the blind obedience, Raizo is raised as an assassin but never shakes off his humanity. “Ninja Assassin” throws action at you until you’re bloated on killing and then forces more down your throat until you’re looking for fat pants in your closet. Proving not only his capacity to kill with a minimum of noise but his cleanliness, Raizo takes out an assassin at the laundromat and puts the body in a washer. Pretty handy, no?

Joe Armstrong, “American Ninja”

This is a beautiful piece of camp that is probably responsible, along with G.I. Joe, for more nunchaku, swords and ninja masks on Christmas lists than anything else.  Beyond the ninja-fest that is “American Ninja” you need to watch this film from start to finish just for the terrible lines uttered by everyone involved. After a quick bout of archery practice with Armstrong as the target, Joe takes out a pair of ninjas with nary a word thus making for a true silent killer.

Mazasuka, “Ninja”

Finally, a ninja who just isn’t all sweet and fuzzy. Mazasuka is filled with jealousy, rage and a desire to inflict harm upon anyone who gets in his way. With a mixture of cheese and fun, the action in “Ninja” is worth checking out at least once, especially for those of you who enjoy B-Grade acting. Mazasuka’s killing of one of the men tasked to find his two ex-friends through the use of a gaudy necklace as a strangling aid is pure ninja delight1

Cole, “Enter the Ninja”

A white guy with a serious mustache in a white ninja suit is all you need to know about “Enter the Ninja." To ask for anything more from a movie would be ridiculous and honestly a bit ungrateful. Cole deals out death left and right with the slowest, and dumbest death in the scene with the white suited villain who takes so much time to die that you might just be able to do a quick bathroom break before the scene is over.