Hollywood seems full of grave robbers, doesn't it? People are always digging up the dead and journeying to far off places just to open up a sarcophagus. Without fail, the undead walk and mummies search for vengeance. As if defiling graves didn’t have enough stress with the long hours, constant shovel maintenance and those pesky kids and their talking dog, these undead shufflers can make the most hardened illegal entrepreneur rethink their life choices. The six mummies on this list definitely should have stayed dead.

1. Bubba Ho-Tep, “Bubba Ho-Tep”.

Preying on the elderly and infirmed at a nursing home isn’t exactly a top-tier job for a mummy but Bubba Ho-Tep makes it work. He does run into some trouble as the two protectors of the nursing home, J.F.K. and Elvis are on to his sinister plan and ready for some arthritic action. Ho-Tep’s fiery death at the hands of Elvis sets the gold standard for vanquished mummies. “Bubba Ho-Tep” is that one mummy movie that stands out far above the pack.

2. Imhotep, “The Mummy Returns”

Your first movie was a fun ride Imhotep, but why won’t you die? This time around Imhotep gets to take on the Scorpion king as well as Rick O’Connell, but before that happens he needs to regain his youthful figure by absorbing some tomb robbers in a scene that’s half amusing and half goofy as hell. Until the franchise gets a dose of back alley ‘out of ideas’ adrenaline, Imhotep will stay dead for the time being as “The Mummy Returns” finally got rid of him.

3. Talos, “Tale of the Mummy”

The tomb that holds Talos’ sarcophagus is one worthy of a mummy no one wanted back out among the living. Corpses in various states of terrible death surround his suspended tomb as it hangs from the ceiling over a deep pit thereby creating one serious foundation for Talos’ future acts to build upon. This mummy sticks to what he knows, killing left and right with enough creativity to keep you sticking around. Check out the use of his wraps in “Tale of the Mummy” as he hunts down the most dangerous of all prey, a little old woman.

4. Queen Tera, “Blood from the Mummy’s Tomb"

Queen Tera’s spirit gets freed to wreak vengeance upon the team who took apart her tomb. In a complete coincidence, the daughter of the archeologist who discovered the queen’s tomb happens to be her spitting image and is easily manipulated by Tera’s spirit. “Blood from the Mummy’s Tomb” features the best death from snake attack scene ever made so keep your eyes peeled.

5. Klaris,“Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy”

Busting out the Necronomicon, using copious amounts of fire or cutting a mummy into little pieces are all good ideas when a mummy shows up but the real art of mummy fighting relies on running around in fear and utilizing slapstick humor to stay alive. “Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy” is black and white, old school goodness that makes for one amusing yarn. Klaris probably should’ve stayed dead instead of having the undead migraine that these two gave him.  Klaris’ un-stealthy hunting of Costello, who is sitting feet from the sarcophagus is a scene that will trade you laughs for a full suspension of disbelief.

6. Raoul, “Waxwork"

As advice to all future dead royalty out there, to ensure an undisturbed eternal rest try leaving your mummy summoning curse inscribed on the outside of your stone tomb and not on some papyrus clutched in your skeletal arms like this guy did in “Waxwork."  Raoul doesn’t bother with small talk, he’s a simple mummy content with a few moans and cutting to the chase of killing defilers/archeologists/nosy kids and whatever else might feel like prying the top off of a tomb. With his head crushing of the archeologist’s servant at the start of his awakening scene, Raoul cements his place of movie mummies that walk when they should be enjoying a dirt nap instead.