Working as a maid can be a dirty job. In fact, that's sort of the idea behind it. You know, cleaning up people's messes, putting up with their demands, and a bunch of other piddling crap. Why would a sexy woman even bother doing a job like that? If you're hot, you can find something more befitting your skill set, like turning letters on a TV game show or standing next to a car in a bikini. These six ladies never got that memo, apparently, as they all spent time as maids who were far too hot for their jobs.

Michelle Rodriguez, "Blue Crush"

Michelle Rodriguez is hot. She's spicy, even. Unfortunately, in "Blue Crush" she had to earn her paycheck as a maid at an upscale resort hotel. Her maid's outfit wasn't terribly flattering, but she wore it well, with her nicely tanned and toned legs peeking out the bottom of her skirt. Her feisty attitude proved to be her downfall though, and she got the ax. That's okay though, she's too hot for housekeeping anyway.

Jennifer Aniston, "Friends With Money"

There's something about Jennifer Aniston, isn't there? She's got that "wholesome sexiness" that is pretty rare for a woman. There are women with prettier faces, and women with better figures, but somehow Aniston is greater than the sum of her parts. Plus, she looks really good in a French maid's outfit in "Friends With Money." It's hard to imagine why her character would have given up her teaching career to clean houses, but then again, they both involve cleaning up after people. Maybe it's not so hard to imagine. Either way, she's hot!

Paz Vega, "Spanglish"

Hollywood really loves their stereotypes. What's more stereotypical than the Spanish-speaking housekeeper? Not much, according to this list. At any right, Paz Vega's turn as Flor in the movie "Spanglish" was a little bit on the nose, but that doesn't diminish her enchanting hotness. She's got a beautiful figure, and she's got the deepest brown eyes this side of the Rio Grande. Those are eyes in which you could almost swim. Her lack of English skills may have limited her career opportunities, but that doesn't change the fact that she's about a million times too pretty for maid's work.

Jennifer Lopez, "Maid In Manhattan"

J-Lo, buttocks and all, donned the housekeeper's outfit for this pseudo-Cinderella story. The filmmakers dressed her down quite a bit in this one, trying to make her look as sweaty and unattractive as possible as a maid, before the big transformation later in the movie. But there's really no hiding Lopez's...assets. Even as a maid, it's likely that most people's eyes were drawn to her behind, and really who could blame them?

Lucia Moniz, "Love Actually"

Spanish is one thing, but Portugese supermodels are another. How in the hell anyone thought this woman would be believable as a maid is a matter for another time, because that's really the least of the problems in the lousy rom-com "Love Actually." What is important is that Lucia, the native of Lisbon, Portugal, is so smoking hot that anyone who saw her cleaning their room would be instantly smitten with her. She wouldn't be a maid for long, of that you can be sure. Some billionaire playboy would have her as his wife in no time flat!

Lumi Cavazos, "Bottle Rocket"

Lumi has a different kind of a look. While she's fully hot, no doubt, her face is a little different than that of a typical beauty. Maybe it's her bright, wide eyes, or her slow smile, but there's something exotic about her. In "Bottle Rocket," the language barrier between her and her pool-side lover is actually one of the things that adds to her hotness. Instead of words, she uses those big eyes and her body to convey what she wants. It's hot, and it's not something that your typical maid would be doing. She was way too hot for her job.