6 Movie Killing Sprees That Are Down Right Terrifying

Sunday, May 12 by Frost


Most sprees are fun like the ones where you get to run screaming through a toy store shoving things in your cart but the bad ones start and end with screaming. Running might have helped the victims in these six movie killing sprees that are downright terrifying but playing dead might’ve worked out better.




Even though the undead are…well…dead, it’s still one impressive killing spree when humans take out the spittle covered, zombie garbage. Tallahassee lashes out in a sugar-fueled, Twinkie-jonesing, revenge laden killing spree at Pacific Playland that is one seriously gory catharsis. Rage from his lost child to the Twinkie shaped void in his soul pours out with each and every bullet as he metes out a second death to the zombies from his stuffed animal treasure shop last stand, clearly wanting to take them all down with him.




A small, intimate setting and murderous home invaders make “Them” one of the scariest movies around. The death of a mother and daughter as the starting scene without any motivation given to the audience becomes a dark foreshadowing for what is about to come for Clementine and Lucas, a couple who reside near by. The invaders’ atypical silence as they play with their prey inside the house adds to the inhumanity of these faceless monsters. The peephole scene as Clementine looks for any sign of Lucas won’t leave your memory for months.


“The Devil’s Rejects”

The Devil's Rejects

The Firefly family heads into the triple digits of homicide as they focus on the one skill they seem to be proficient at: killing sprees. With some of the family escaping to a hotel, they choose to continue their homicidal ways as they mentally and physically torture a singing group staying there before moving on towards their impending death. The aftermath of their hotel killing spree is best evidenced as a maid stumbles upon their devastation as she enters the singing groups' room, now a visual nightmare.


“High Tension”

High Tension

It’s not the size of the twist but the beliefs it changes that truly matter in a story. In “Tension” the twist is small but sets off a retroactive earthquake all the way to the beginning of the film, thus exponentially increasing the terror you’ve already experienced. Alex and Marie take a small study break vacation at Alex’s family home only to be stalked by a killer intent on taking Alex for his own, leaving a trail of the dead on the way to his goal. A killing spree that is horrifying in its intensity and single-minded determination, the gruesome ending of Alex’s father with a bookcase will haunt all children who used to stick their heads between railings.


“Army of Darkness”

Army of Darkness

Ash gets dropped straight from “Evil Dead 2” right into the medieval age where he’s the closest thing to a superhero around. When Ash rockets through the army of the undead with his windmill modified car, the body count is just getting started. This killing spree is terrifying not for the body count but for the thick as a tree trunk chainsaw wielding, shotgun using hero Ash because nothing is as scary as an arrogant, kinda slow protagonist with a penchant for violence.


“Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer”

Henry Portrait Of A Serial Killer

A serial killer named Henry slowly brings his roommate Otis down the same dark path as his confidant and companion. The downward, bloody spiral that “Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer” start out on, picks up speed as it becomes a terrible gut wrenching tale. Otis and Henry’s front and backseat kissing session ends in a brutally quick double homicide with the cold calculation of stepping on an ant, making for two of the most horrendous killings in film.

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