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Hey maaaaan, check this out. It's totally, like, far out. Alright, sorry. Anyway, hippies are fun characters to see in movies because you can see them and listen to them talk about their crazy ideas without having to hang out with or smell them. Here are six movie hippies for you to enjoy, and then turn off when you get sick of them.

John, "The Trip." Here's a tip: it's a bad idea to do acid if you're all by yourself. Peter Fonda's character in "The Trip" realizes this, so he enlists his hippie acid expert friend John, (Bruce Dern) walk him through his first trip (hey, that's the name of the movie). It goes okay until it doesn't, and to be honest Bruce Dern has a kind of creepy vibe the whole time.

Lorenzo St. DuBois, "The Producers." Mel Brooks' breakthrough film "The Producers" features larger-than-life characters of all stripes, including a hippie with the rather coincidental initials of "L.S.D" (get it?). His part in this little drama is an actor who auditions to play the part of Hitler in the play "Springtime for Hitler," designed by its backers to be a huge flop as part of a complicated money-making scheme.

Frank Serpico, "Serpico." Most of the time, cops and hippies are standing across from each other on the cultural spectrum. But in the case of Frank Serpico, he looks like a hippie, but is really a New York City policeman fighting against corruption. He gets a huge amount of flack for this, as you might imagine, which culminates in his getting shot in the face. It's tough being a hippie/crusading cop in 1970s New York.

Jenny, "Forrest Gump." Jenny doesn't just represent herself in "Forrest Gump," she represents all hippies. And so she tramps across America, getting into all sorts of trouble and cruelly ignoring the sweetly retarded man in love with her. People seem to like this movie, though, so whatever.

The Dude, "The Big Lebowski." Most hippies cut their hair and got jobs at some point in the mid-1970s, but "The Dude" was one of the guys who stuck around. Still, don't get the idea that he's somehow a man outside of his time. "He fits right in" to "his time and place," according to the narrator of the story, and you better realize that guy's right about everything.

Saul Silver, "Pineapple Express." James Franco's character in "Pineapple Express" is another bold hippie living way past the time of hippies being cool. His excuse is that he's a drug dealer so it's cool. Better still, he gets involved in an action-packed adventure after one of his customers (Seth Rogen) witnesses a murder and has to go on the run. So it's like "The Trip," except stuff actually happens in it.