The image of the genteel female star who allows her male co-star to do her fighting for her will never disappear, but it's no longer shocking to see a powerful woman who can handle her own business and take care of anyone who stands in her way. Some of the top movie heroines not only look sexy and hot every time they appear on screen, but they know how to defend themselves with grace, flair, and knockout power when that kind of activity is required. The six move heroines on this list are definitely ladies who know how to handle themselves when duty calls!

The Bride, "Kill Bill, Vol. 1" (2003) and "Kill Bill, Vol. 2 (2004)

This spectacular swordswoman is a revenge-seeking missile against those who ruined her wedding day. You suspend your disbelief every time you walk into a movie theater, and that is the only mental action required when you see Uma Thurman in action. She is a remarkably well-coordinated athlete who looks sexy in every physical activity she attempts. She is a gifted fighter who annihilates everyone who gets in her way, and she ultimately achieves her goal of killing Bill by the end of the second movie.

Lara Croft, "Tomb Raider" (2001)

This character is based on a video game heroine who happens to be an archeologist. An archeologist with huge breasts and incredible self-confidence. On top of that, she uses her self-confidence to kick ass at the drop of a hat. Angelina Jolie plays this role like she was born for it, which she was not. That speaks to her talent and ability, because she's quite credible as she breaks bones. Lara Croft is one dominant woman whom we love watching.

Catwoman, "Batman Returns" (1992)

In many of the roles she has played, Michelle Pfeiffer has shown all the toughness of a porcelain doll. That makes her performance as Catwoman even more amazing because she kicked ass and may have been Batman's most formidable enemy in the film franchise. Halle Berry had to follow Pfeiffer in this role, and she simply had no chance living up to her predecessor.  Pfeiffer's seductive performance in this role will never be forgotten.

Trinity, "The Matrix" (1999)

The image of Carrie-Anne Moss in tight black leather in "The Matrix" is a sight to behold. She has a rocking body and she is loaded with spit and vinegar that she uses to help her kick ass whenever the moment is required. Trinity is a computer programmer and hacker who has escaped from the Matrix. As the film progresses we see she is in love with Neo and her kiss brings him back to life. We have no doubt that a kiss from Moss would have the same effect in real life!

Sarah Connor, "The Terminator (1984)

A killer cyborg is sent from the future to kill Sarah Connor and protector Kyle Reese is there to help her defend herself from the Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger). Connor prepares herself for the battle by getting in the best shape possible, spending her days at Pescadero Mental Hopsital working out in anticipation of a showdown with the nefarious cyborgs. Her hard and muscular appearance lets us know that Hamilton is not the type to mess with in a fight.

Diana Guzman, "Girlfight" (2000)

This is the story of a troubled teenage girl who uses her rage and pain in the boxing ring. Rodriguez plays the role with ability, passion, and athleticism. She looks like she belongs in the ring because she throws her punches with purpose and passion. She is smart, tough, and nasty every time she gets in the ring. Rodriguez is totally credible as the tough girl who can kick ass while looking incredibly sexy. This little chica throws a hell of a right hand!