6 Movie Hairstyles That Were Embarrassing For Everyone Involved

Thursday, December 29 by Stu Moody

Cameron Diaz, “Being John Malkovich.”

<a href='http://www.screenjunkies.com/tag/cameron-diaz-378/' class='linkify' target='_blank'>cameron diaz</a> being <a href='http://www.screenjunkies.com/tag/john-malkovich-641/' class='linkify' target='_blank'>john malkovich</a>.jpg” /></p>
<p>Diaz makes a habit of looking great. Her hair is nicely styled, and she looks very manicured. But in this movie, her <span data-scayt_word=neatly-coiffed hair gave way to a rat’s nest of curly brown…stuff. It’s not even hair. It’s like crimped hay, fried out and dry. Her role called for that hairstyle, sure, but Cameron can’t enjoy looking at still shots from her embarrassing look in that movie.

Natalie Portman, “Star Wars- Episode I.”

<a href='http://www.screenjunkies.com/tag/natalie-portman-422/' class='linkify' target='_blank'>natalie portman</a> <a href='http://www.screenjunkies.com/tag/star-wars-963/' class='linkify' target='_blank'>star wars</a> episode one.jpg” /></p>
<p>The less said about this movie, the better, but we need to address <a href=Portman‘s hair. Even in Lucas’ far away galaxy, her hairdos raised eyebrows. Ridiculous to the point of being cartoony, her hair in this movie, and the other Previous Page Next Page

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