6 Movie Hairstyles That Were Embarrassing For Everyone Involved

Thursday, December 29 by Stu Moody

Draco Duel.jpg

Movies are a reflection of the period in which they were made. Sometimes, they act as time capsules that capture the magic of a particular era, which means all of that ridiculous hairstyles popular at the time are forever recorded on celluloid. Sometimes, the actors themselves believe their hairstyle to be the height of fashion, regardless of how embarrassing it is. And other times, the script actually calls for bad hair. But no matter the reason, these hairstyles exist so that we as a society can ridicule them. Check out this list of six movie hairstyles that were embarrassing for everyone involved. Laugh, but don’t laugh too hard, because one day years from now someone might be laughing at your hairstyle!

Joan Cusack, “Working Girl.”


This embarrassing hairstyle begs the question: “How much Aqua Net is too much?” The answer is “However much Joan Cusack used here.” Her hair is a glistening helmet, so hard that it’s probably bulletproof. All of the greenhouse gasses caused by her excessive hairspray use may have caused the onset of global warming. Despite the embarrassing hairstyle, Joan’s done well for herself in Hollywood.

Tom Felton, “Harry Potter.”

tom felton harry potter.jpg

When you have a big forehead, as Felton does, it’s probably not best to choose a hairstyle that shows it off. Draco Malfoy’s “wet look” in the first “Potter” flick is a hairstyle best forgotten. And clearly it was, as they switched his hair up in later movies. He still has a big dome, but at least he’s working with it, instead of against it.

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