Movies, by their nature, stretch the boundaries of reality. Characters visit far away places and do incredible things, and we can suspend our disbelief and enjoy the stories. But sometimes, something is so unbelievable that we can't help but take notice, like when a super hot girl has a total schlub for a boyfriend. These six movie girlfriends are way out of their boyfriend's leagues, and in some cases are playing a different sport altogether.

Katherine Heigl and Seth Rogen, "Knocked Up"

Seth is giving hope to chubby, irresponsible stoners everywhere by hooking up with a beautiful blonde career woman in this comedy. Sadly, this is false hope, as Katherine Heigl and her ilk would never stoop so low as to date one of the unwashed masses. The real-life Katherine may not be all that likeable, but the movie Katherine was just too hot for Seth Rogen.

Roger Rabbit and Jessica Rabbit, "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?"

Jessica Rabbit is the hyper-idealized version of a woman. Never mind that if she were real, her tiny waist wouldn't be able to support her humongous chest. The real tragedy here is that she hooked up with the goofy and klutzy Roger Rabbit. This is a woman who could have had anyone, and she picked a dumb bunny? Face it, Roger, she's out of your league.

Warren Beatty and Halle Berry, "Bulworth"

In this 1998 political comedy, Halle Berry is a smoking hot chick from South Central L.A. Warren Beatty is roughly ten million years old here, looking sweaty and haggard through most of the movie. Naturally, he and Halle should hook up, right? That's what would happen in real life, of course. Politicians bang stuck-up interns, not street-smart supermodels. Stay where you're better acquainted, Warren.

Renee Zellweger and John C. Reilly, "Chicago"

John C. Reilly is a talented actor, but he's no looker. Even if Renee Zellweger isn't on everybody's list of hot women, she's still way better in the looks department than Reilly. Add in the fact that Reilly plays a dopey auto-mechanic matched up with Renee's boozy floozy Roxie Hart, and you have quite a mismatch.

Rosario Dawson and Kevin James, "Zookeeper"

As Kevin James slowly wrests the mantle of "Dumbest Choice in Movie Roles" from Brendan Fraser, he gets an opportunity to star in middling movies with attractive women. Witness this stinker, as the portly James gets to mack it to the sensationally sexy Rosario Dawson. Kevin may be a nice guy, but in real life nice guys do not get to be with women of this caliber. Sorry, Kevin.

Jay Baruchel and Alice Eve, "She's Out of My League"

Okay, it's kind of the point of this movie that Jay is dating way out of his league. That doesn't change the fact that a gawky Canadian geek has no business hooking up with a sweet blonde like Alice. It was probably a smart move to base a movie around this, because had the filmmakers tried to subtly slip this into a different movie, audiences would have been asking, "Wait, so that dork is with that babe? No way!"