Movies need cowards. If they weren't there how would we know how heroic our heroes were? Sometimes you end up watching some dastardly individuals who are scared of their own shadows but feign bravado in hopes of being branded a hero. But it doesn't always work like that. Here are 6 movie cowards who never grew a backbone!

Robert Ford, "The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford"

Probably the most famous coward in the history of the globe, Andrew Dominik's 2007 classic shows the real story behind the death of Jesse James by Robert Ford. Ford begins to take advantage of his new found fame by starring in plays and stories surrounding the outlaw's death but is finally murdered because of his previous misdemeanor ten years after killing Jesse.

Jack Sparrow, "Pirates of the Caribbean : The Curse of the Black Pearl"

Johnny Depp's drunk rendition of a pirate saw the Ed Wood star giving a whole host of plaudits and awards and ultimately saw him elevated to the lead role for the franchises woeful sequels. Yet he is basically a coward. Running away from any danger with whatever gold and booze he could get his hands on and leaving his friends in peril without a moments thought.

Dante, "Clerks"

The problem with Dante is that he doesn't seem to blame himself for his own terrible predicaments. Stuck in a dead end job with a girlfriend that he despises Dante enjoys complaining about his life without actually attempting to change any part of it. In "Clerks 2" we see that he hasn't changed ten years down the line but he does end up with Rosario Dawson so things can't be all bad.

Don, "28 Weeks Later"

Abandoning your wife so that you can survive is a pretty cowardly act to commit. And that is exactly what Robert Carlyle's Don is guilty of, with his horribly selfish decision coming back to bite him in the butt when his wife is found and returns to their quarantine zone, subsequently infecting Don himself after they kiss. He deserved it.

C3PO, "Star Wars"

Anthony Daniels legendary portrayal as the golden metallic wuss is so infamous now that his role in overthrowing the Emperor is largely forgotten about. All that is remembered is his incessant whining and shuffling away from danger. I just feel sorry for R2D2.

Louis Tully, "Ghostbusters"

As annoying as cowards are, sometimes you can take just one look at somebody and come to the conclusion that they had no other option in life but to take up the position as a big softy. Rick Moranis as Louis is exactly that man with large rimmed glasses, greased up hair, and a slight frame meaning he would be no use at all in a quarrel let alone against ghosts!