In today's tough economic times, even millionaires are starting to wonder if they aren't the source of universal adoration on the part of the public anymore. But that doesn't stop people from going to see movies about the obscenely wealthy. Movies about rich people tend to be interesting because they show a side of life that so few of us get to see. If that sounds like an appealing couple of hours to you, here are six movie characters that were richer than God.

Mark Zuckerberg, "The Social Network"

Mark Zuckerbeg, the real-life creator of the social networking website Facebook, is not only richer than God, but he had a fantastic movie made about his life. Sure, he happens to come off as mildly autistic and a ruthless businessman, but hey, you can't look a gift modern-day "Citizen Kane" in the mouth, right? Anyway, Zuckerberg makes like a gazillion dollars off of his invention, and some of his old college friends sue for a piece of it. Even when you're richer than God, you have to deal with people trying to close in on your earnings.

Charles Foster Kane, "Citizen Kane"

Speaking of "Citizen Kane," here he is now. He has so much money that he's bought more things than he can ever even take out of the box. And he can't stop. The reason is because he's deeply lonely, and he can't find anyone who really loves him on his own terms. Nor is he capable of loving on anybody else's. But have you seen his swimming pool? Damn.

Pa Kegan, "Winter Kills"

When you're richer than God, going into the hospital regularly to get your blood exchanged with a bunch of kid's is a totally normal thing. After all, if you die, who will protect all your investments? Pa Kegan does just that and a lot more in "Winter Kills." He's the elderly patriarch of a powerful political family, and like all billionaires he's had to do some pretty terrible things in order to get richer. He ends up paying the price, but not before living a life of insane comfort and leisure.

Daniel Plainview, "There Will Be Blood"

Unlike a lot of other movie characters that are richer than God, Plainview is a self-made man. He marched out into the desert, built and oil mine (not an easy job, by the way), and worked hard to make it productive and profitable. But that doesn't mean his hands are totally clean, morally speaking. Like the title implies, even murder is not too far from the sphere of Plainview's experience. But maybe it was worth it - where would America be if it weren't for people like Daniel Plainview? Pretty scary question, and the answer might be even scarier.

Willy Wonka, "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory"

You know you're richer than God when you can afford to purchase an entire forgotten nationality of pygmies to come and work at your giant fantastical candy factory. And Wonka can afford to do just that, among other things. How did he get so rich? By selling the world-famous Wonka chocolate bars, of course. He must be able to afford the inevitable lawsuits from the injured children who visited his chocolate factory, too. Now THAT'S rich.

Bruce Wayne, The "Batman" Movies

They say that while poor people are crazy, the rich are merely "eccentric." But what do you say about a rich guy who dressed up like a bat to fight crime? In the case of Bruce Wayne, you say he's Batman. And he's got the financial resources to make his one-man war against the criminals of Gotham City not such a one-sided fight. He can blow money on a Batmobile, high-tech bat gadgets, and a ridiculously large Batcave. Must be nice.

These six movie characters that were richer than God give us all hope in a troubled economy. If they can make it work, why can't we? In any case, all six of these movies are definitely worth watching no matter how much money you have in the bank.