6 Movie Car Crashes That People Walked Away From But Should Have Killed Them

Monday, January 9 by Irving Oala

Goldfinger” epitomizes unrealistic car accidents that would have resulted in death. But then again, how realistic have the 007 films ever really been, right? That’s not why we’re watching. We’re here for the martinis.

The Expendables.” Wait, you mean you’re shocked that a movie with just about every working action star is not grounded in any sort of reality whatsoever? Case in point: the Mercedes SUV crashing off the dock with Jason Statham. The fact that he didn’t fly through the windshield is proof enough that movie physics are different from real life physics.

“Die Another Day.” James Bond flips an Aston Martin, lands back on its wheels after the car rolls and keeps on driving. Of course, this is ludicrous and definitely is something that should have resulted in death. But did you really think that would stop a guy like Bond… or his British luxury car?

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