6 Movie Car Crashes That People Walked Away From But Should Have Killed Them

Monday, January 9 by Irving Oala

“Gone in 60 Seconds.” The first chase scene in both the remake and the original “Gone in 60 Seconds” has a number of car accidents that should have killed our main characters, among others. If people were realistically being injured and dying in this movie, it would have earned an NC-17. But showmanship won out over realism, so we got stylish car movies instead.

“Bad Boys 2.” Shockingly, driving a Hummer through a dilapidated 3rd world neighborhood of tin huts is not safe and would kill a lot of people, including the driver of the Humvee, making this scene at the end of “Bad Boys 2″ instantly qualify for this list. In the world of Michael Bay, this is standard operating procedure. thankfully, he’s not in charge of the Department of Transportation.

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