6 Movie Car Crashes That People Walked Away From But Should Have Killed Them

Monday, January 9 by Irving Oala

fast furious crash

Car crashes in films are a dime a dozen and in most cases, these accidents should have seriously injured or killed whoever was driving the cars. Car crashes are serious business, but in the movies, they can be as minor as a speed-bump. Check out the six car crashes on this list and know that these wrecks should have killed all parties, but they somehow walked away. Gotta love Hollywood magic!

Any “Fast and Furious” Movie. Any of the “Fast and Furiousfranchise, meaning at least six to seven movies, have as many car crashes as Vin Diesel has mean grunts and growls. Cars flips and fly, but generally speaking the parties involved live to fight another day. Over and over and over.

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