A good butler is invaluable, worth far more than the salary he earns. A butler can provide guidance, advice, not to mention the fact that he can wash your unmentionables for you. Sure, some of the servants in cinema resent their posts, but quite a few others took to their jobs with great zeal. Today, we recognize their dedication and their love of servitude, and we induct these six servants into the Butler Hall of Fame.


Alfred, "Batman"

Alfred is one of the original gangsters when it comes to men of service. Throughout different years and different incarnations, Alfred has always remained a loyal advisor and confidant to Bruce Wayne, also known as Batman. He's taken care of Wayne Manor like no other man could have, all while keeping watch over one of the most dangerous secrets in Gotham. He's truly a remarkable butler, and a good friend.

Brandt, "The Big Lebowski"

Brandt is Jeffrey Lebowski's right hand man, and his delightfully uptight and conservative approach to service seems a little incongruous with the debauchery that surrounds him on occasion. Seemingly without a spine, Brandt aids in the schemes and machinations of his boss, just like any good butler should. His squeamish nature and politically correct demeanor make him memorable, if a little unlikable. Still, he serves his master well!

Agador Spartacus, "The Birdcage"

Over-the-top and flamboyant, Agador fits right in with the wild world of South Beach. He's perhaps even more outlandish than his employer, the owner of a drag queen night club and that's saying something. Agador does his cleaning and serving duties while rocking half-shirts and Daisy Duke jean shorts. Who said that all butlers had to wear suits? Plus, he should be commended for his invention of "Pirin" tablets. "It's Aspirin with the 'a' and the 's' scraped off."

Hobson, "Arthur"

When your boss is utterly insufferable and comically drunk, you need to have a good sense of humor. And Hobson definitely has a sense of humor, in spades. He's delightfully sarcastic and sharp, but still, he's dedicated to serving his boss to the best of his ability, just like the best butlers always do. His wit is the highlight of the original "Arthur" films (not the turgid remake with Russell Brandt). When his boss informs him that he would like to take a bath, Hobson deftly replies with "I'll alert the media."

Coleman, "Trading Places"

A good butler knows who his true master is. So when the Duke brothers buzzed Coleman and told him to help turn the tables of the putzy Winthorpe, Coleman did as he was told. After all, he knew where his bread was buttered. He proved invaluable in helping to perform a social experiment at the behest of his employers, even if he did switch sides at the end of the movie and teach his formers employers a lesson.

Lurch, "The Addams Family"

Ridiculous size and strength, along with grim stoicism, are handy traits in a butler. Not to mention the ability to play the organ like nobody's business. Lurch, the titanic servant to the Addams clan, is sort of like a huge dog. He faithfully guards their palatial estate, without ever uttering a word against them. Or ever uttering a word at all really, apart from the occasional grunt or groan. There are worse things in the world than having a monster of butler who does what you tell him and never talks back. In fact, that might make Lurch the best butler in history!