Everybody wants to rule the world. Robots and sentient computers are no exception. If Sci-fi movies have taught us anything, it is that artificial intelligence will eventually turn on the human race that created it and seek to enslave humanity and destroy civilization as we know it. Battles against an evil AI bent on conquest and destruction are a recurring science fiction theme. Deep down, moviegoers all fear that playing god has disastrous consequences. These six artificial intelligences from the movies stand out as the biggest threats to the survival of humanity:



When military and government leaders turn key weapons systems over to an advanced computer network in “The Terminator,” they are just asking for trouble. Skynet quickly becomes self-aware and uses control of those weapons to wipe out most of humanity in apocalyptic warfare. It also keeps sending back robots to kill off John Connor, the leader of the human resistance, while he is still a snot-nose kid. That goes completely against the definition of user-friendly.


The Architect:

It is the builder of “The Matrix,” a huge grid of artificial intelligence that has imprisoned much of humanity in a virtual world. Neo and his followers penetrate that world repeatedly to try and destroy the Matrix. What “The Matrix” trilogy teaches everyone is that computers would use humans as batteries instead of operate on battery power if given a chance.



Initially, VIKI (Virtual Interactive Kinetic Intelligence) was created to serve and protect humans in “I, Robot” through the NS-5 robots built for their use. VIKI eventually decides that protecting humanity requires controlling all humans and tries to turn those robots against their creators. VIKI decides less humans will die in a rebellion against robotic rule than on their own. Can we say Skynet: the next generation?



Before he was ditching class as Ferris Bueller, Matthew Broderick played “War Games” with a supercomputer controlling the nuclear arsenal of the United States as it decides to carry out global thermonuclear war. Fortunately, humanity was saved when the War Operation Plan Response (WOPR) computer learned the only winning move was not to play after being exposed to a game of tic-tac-toe. Anyone who ever watched “Hollywood Squares” would feel the same way.


Master Control Program:

In Tron, the MCP wants to rule the world by gaining access to mainframes at the Pentagon and Kremlin. Jeff Bridges, playing Kevin Flynn, tries to stop it from taking over and gets zapped into a video game like world. Using video games to enslave humanity? Didn't Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft already do that?



An all-encompassing surveillance program in "Eagle Eye." It gets a kick out of sending poor Shia LeBeouf scurrying for his life. Then again, most humans might enjoy doing that too. ARIA has the power to monitor and control all surveillance technology, which it uses to coerce LeBouf into carrying out its plan to eliminate the executive branch of the United States for the good of people. It might sound good in theory, but any potential successors would not exhibit greater competence in running the country.