6 More Awkward Steven Tyler Cameos

Monday, January 23 by

Two and a Half Men – Himself

Steven Tyler was also on Two and a Half Men as a “rocker” neighbor whose loud music and hard partying ways proved too much for Charlie. However, if you were to judge from the still above, you’d assume he played Jon Cryer‘s lesbian aunt.

Hiding In The Shopping Cart Return At Target – Himself

When his American Idol duties allow, Steven Tyler likes to clear his head by standing beneath the shopping cart return at Target store #3147. He’ll stand there for hours without food or water, just screaming and skatting until his worries and stresses melt away like butter in the rain. Though these sporadic throat jam sessions have caused the area’s owl population to relocate, it really helps Steven work himself out. When he’s done, the world just doesn’t seem so big.

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