6 Makeout Couples Who Were Cockblocked By Evil

Monday, January 2 by Stu Moody

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<p>It’s tough to get some action when evil is on the prowl. All too often, just as you’re getting your <span data-scayt_word=mack on, some bad guy shows up to kill one, or both of you. Movies illustrate this scenario perfectly, especially horror movies. Make-out couples are carved up like turkeys in slasher flicks, and the dudes in those movies have to be tired of getting cockblocked time and again. Take a look at these classic examples of movie make-out couple who were cockblocked by evil, and take notes, just incase you’re ever attacked by some sort of boogeyman.

Chrissie and Some Guy, “Jaws.”

Random McDude and cute blonde Chrissie Watkins are going to enjoy some drunken sex on the beach during the summer on Amity Island. Chrissie swims out, seductively skinny-dipping and beckoning her drunken lover to follow. You think that hanky-panky is coming, but oh no, evil has other plans. The murderous great white shark cockblocks the young man by devouring Chrissie in one of the great opening scenes in movie history.

Bob and Lynda, “Halloween.”

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<p>Scream Queen P.J. Soles takes her boyfriend upstairs for some sexual excitement. After Bob leaves for some beer (drinking and sex? You are SO dead!), Michael Myers turns him into a <span data-scayt_word=shishka-Bob. Lynda is upstairs, waiting for the beer, and for round two of the sexcapades to begin. Unfortunately, Michael decides to rain on her parade by murdering her. Poor kids, cockblocked by an evil guy in a Captain Kirk mask.

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