Not every love story is black and white and perfect like "The Notebook", when you just know that Allie is going to end up with Noah. Sometimes  life gets messy. Instead of there being two people in the mix, there are three; making a triangle. It is always hard to choose between two guys or two girls when both have such amazing qualities. If you want some perspective on the matter, or simply want to take your mind away from your relationship woes, watch any one of these 6 love triangle movies. They are guaranteed to make you either appreciate your relationship or make you change your relationship status to "it's complicated."

"Something Borrowed"

What happens when you have an intense connection with your best friend's fiance? In "Something Borrowed", Ginnfer Goodwin plays a young student who is in love with one of her best friends, played by Colin Egglesfield. She never musters the courage to tell him and in the meantime, he falls for her other best friend, the charismatic, Kate Hudson. In time they get engaged. However, this is when Egglesfield and Goodwin realize their feelings for each other. Would you ever forgive your best friend for borrowing your fiance?


Almost everyone in the world knows a thing or two about 'Twilight". For those of you who have been living under a rock, let us break it down for you. Robert Pattinson plays Edward Cullen, a kind, vegetarian type of vampire. Taylor Lautner plays Jacob Black, a werewolf whose family hates all vampires. Caught in the middle is Kristen Stewart, who plays Bella. Jacob is her childhood friend she has always loved, but somehow she is just drawn to Edward.

"Vicky Christina Barcelona"

Imagine a world in which you did not have to choose between two people. What if you could all be happy together? In "Vicky Cristina Barcelona", we follow a young American, Scarlett Johansson, who travels to Spain and falls for Javier Bardem. In time, Javier's ex comes back in his life. However, instead of telling Scarlett to pack her bags, the three of them start living together. If you think your love life is complicated, imagine sharing your significant other with someone else.

"This Means War"

"This Means War" is a more violent twist on the classic love triangle. Young Reese Witherspoon wants to have fun-- so she starts dating multiple guys. However, what she doesn't know is that two of the guys she is dating are not only best friends, but spies. They do whatever they can in their power to sabotage each other's dates. They use their fists, fancy equipment and government resources to compete for the woman they love. What we love about this movie is the unpredictability of which spy Witherspoon will choose.

"The Great Gatsby"

Carey Mulligan plays Daisy in this classic tale alongside Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby and Tobey Maguire as Nick. Daisy and Nick are a young couple who move into a new neighborhood. When they get invited to their neighbor's mansion for a party, they excitedly accept the invitation. However, when Daisy gets there she finds her former boyfriend whom she was in love with, Jay Gatsby. She is taken aback, but Nick is completely oblivious to what is going on in his wife's heart.

"Sweet Home Alabama"

We know what you're thinking-- McDreamy was in a movie with Reese Witherspoon? Yes, in fact he plays the Mayor's son whom Witherspoon is engaged too. However, there is one small glitch in their happily ever after plans; Witherspoon is still married to her high school sweetheart who still lives in Alabama. To be able to marry Patrick Dempsey, she goes back to Alabama to get a divorce. However, she finds that Alabama always kept a piece of her heart when she was away. Who would you choose, a charming city slicker, or the country boy next door?