Ah, the dance off. The storied tradition of lazy comedies released during the aughts. It's what you do when you realize that writing something witty, memorable, or compelling for your characters to say is really hard. A dance-off is like a joke you can make with your feet and it means you don't have to break out the dictionary. It's a win-win for both the filmmaker and the mouth-breather willing to laugh at the weakest attempts to entertain.

Take Me Home Tonight

Wouldn't it be funny of an obnoxious, overweight guy were to challenge another guy to a dance-off, but it turns out that other guy is really good at dance-offs? Answer: nope.

American Pie 3

When the enthralling narrative of the second American Pie sequel sensibly drew our players to a gay bar, it was a forgone conclusion that someone was going to get f***ed in their pie Stifler was going to dance with a dude. Is this the type of awkward, silly white guy dancing that goes on in gay bars? It's a wonder those dudes get any at all.

White Chicks

Writing movies is hard. Did you know that you're expected to fill at least 88 minutes of screentime? And twenty-five minute end credits are frowned upon. That's (probably) why the Wayan's Brothers chose to fill up this four-minute gap in White Chicks with a random dance-off. Making characters say words can be hard.

Starsky & Hutch

Having found success with the walk-off scene in Zoolander, Ben Stiller quickly latched onto that concept with most every project he did since. There was the annoying tango scene in Along Came Polly, the embarassing fat suit dance over the credits of Dodgeball, Tom Cruise's fat suit dancing in Tropic Thunder, and this unneeded scene from Starsky & Hutch. We get it, he's Jewish and dancing. ROFL, I guess.

It's a wonder that he hasn't engaged De Niro in a dance off on film yet. You can't tell me De Niro was more willing to take a hypodermic needle to the penis than dance on camera.

Kickin' It Old Skool

If lackluster dance battles were so well-received when Ben Stiller and the Wayans Brothers did them, then it would only make sense that Jamie Kennedy would throw his hat in the ring. Damn the scientists who created the Stiller-Wayans hybrid known as Jamie Kennedy! Had they not played God, the world wouldn't know the terror that is Kickin' It Old Skool, a bad comedy comprised entirely from the worst scenes from bad comedies.

Bride Wars

It makes total sense that the DJ at a bachelorette party would encourage two brides to engage one another in a dance off. You can't expect the stripper to spend his time dancing with both the ladies. Not when there's so much crime out there to fight.