Most of us have no reason to fear the police. They're there for us when we need to report a robbery, if we're looking for directions in a new city or if we've been the victim of a heinous crime. But the movies have a way of making us believe that this most reliable of institutions is actually filled with woeful individuals who are looking to take advantage of the general public. Here are six movies that will make you fear the police.

"The Departed"

Martin Scorsese finally won his first ever Oscar for this gangster drama where Jack Nicholson's Boston crime lord is able to infiltrate Matt Damon into the police department so that he can help him stave off the feds. Leo DiCaprio and Mark Wahlberg become embroiled in their escapades, which blur the line between right and wrong.

"Naked Gun"

Frank Drebin is so inept that you can only pray the police training is able to weed out people like him before they are handed a loaded weapon. Lucky for us, though, his actions are funny as hell and even involve a loveable OJ Simpson. Before he, you know, murdered his family. Allegedly. 


Jean Reno's Leon is a professional hit man with a heart who takes in Natalie Portman's Mathilda after a group of corrupt cops led by Gary Oldman kill her family. Oldman's Stansfield is fabulously horrible, and his hammy performance just about stays the right side of cool as he becomes more and more despicable with each passing minute.

"Bad Lieutenant : Port of Call New Orleans"

Werner Herzog's remake of Abel Ferrara's crime thriller moves the setting from New York to New Orleans, but the film is just as corrupt. Nicholas Cage partakes in an abundance of drugs, booze and gambling as he looks to fend of the bookies he owes money to. He looks to fend them off anyway he can, which includes many illegal activities.

"Cop Land"

James Mangold's crime drama tells the tale of Sylvester Stallone's Sheriff Freddy Heflin and the town of Garrison, which is populated entirely by cops. Of course, they abuse their power, and they are able to get cheap mortgages for their homes. Heflin looks to clean up this dirty town once and for all.

"Training Day"

Denzel Washington finally landed an Oscar for his performance as Alonzo Harris, a detective who has integrated himself into the world of drugs and crime. As such, his ethics and morals are now a little bit warped. Cruising throughout LA's darkest streets it becomes impossible to tell who are the goodies and baddies in Antoine Fuqua's crime drama.