James Lipton has helped to mold and educate young thespians since 1994 with his candid and often enlightening interviews with Hollywood royalty. Many of these discussions have revealed some unpleasant home truths which in turn have given hope to many burgeoning actors who feel like fame, fortune and the career of their dreams is destined to past them by. But there have been some interviews which have proved to be nothing but dull whilst others have just come off as plain crazy. Here are six Inside the actors studio episodes which prove celebrities are crazy.

Dave Chappelle

Dave Chappelle has always been regarded as slightly loco by his comedic brethren. Throughout his discussion with Lipton, Chappelle comes across as funny and engaging but he also talks candidly about some of the issues which have defined his career. Chain smoking throughout his talk, Chappelle reveals that it was the pressure he received from work executives that forced him to flee to Africa instead of fulfilling his $50 million contract. Crazy bastard.

Jim Carrey

When you open up an interview by proclaiming "I drink my own urine, constituted of my own energy source," you know that the man who uttered this immortal words must be slightly insane. Yet Carrey also discusses some his stand-up career and transition to serious actor in an intimate amount of detail. But it's the piss comment that will live longest in the memory.

Richard Dreyfuss

Dreyfuss has starred in a host of classic movies over the last four decades. "American Graffiti," "Jaws" and "Close Encounters of The Third Kind" were made better because of his esteemed skills. And when talking to Lipton, Dreyfuss makes damn sure that you know about it. To the point where you literally want to punch him in the face. To know you're good is one thing, but to shamelessly throw it in everyone's face is quite another.

Tim Allen

Tim Allen will never be remembered for his acting prowess. And his performance on ITAS all but confirmed this hypothesis when he expressed his emotional state via a series of grunts. This goes on for a full three minutes. Just say "To Infinity, And Beyond" and get it over with. That's anyone wants to hear. But then, everyone knew he was crazy anyway. All you have to do is look at his choice of roles over the years.

Martin Lawrence

Martin Lawrence has every right to believe that the roster of films he has starred in are quality piece of entertainment. He's completely wrong with his opinion but fair enough. However Lipton pretend to act like a huge fan of his work and asks him to perform scenes from "Blue Streak" and "Bad Boys 2." No one looks good in this episode, not Lipton for pandering and not Lawrence for pretending his career isn't full of rancid flicks.

James Franco

Here are some of Franco's utterances from the time he spent with Lipton. "Sometimes rabbits, like, turn me on." His favorite curse word is "s***burger." He also lambasts those people who design weapons saying that he couldn't do it because it must make you "feel pretty bad about yourself." When you remember his stint as the host of the Oscars, you can only come to the conclusion that Franco is quickly becoming one of the craziest actors of the millennium.