Proving one's manliness is an important endeavor. It's recommended by most manliness experts that you re-prove your manliness at least once a month, and one solid way to do this is by watching movies. One of the best subgenres for this is the hunting movie, which proves you are able to watch a movie with hunting in it if you have to. Here are six, in case it's getting to be that time of the month for you.

"The Most Dangerous Game"

In case you don't know, "The Most Dangerous Game" is humans - and in this exciting early 30s action-adventure from the same people who did "King Kong," the villain of the piece is interested in hunting just that. So he does what any island-dwelling madman would do and arranges for a ship wreck on his island so he can set the occupants of the ship loose and hunt them down.

"Sergeant York"

Sometimes hunting is good for more than just proving your manliness-as in the true story of Alvin York, who went from a backwoods squirrel hunter to one of the most famous heroes of World War I. York used his prowess with a rifle in combat, and ended up capturing a whole mess of German soldiers almost single-handedly. And star Gary Cooper is one of the manliest dudes to ever act on screen, so you're definitely covered in the machismo department.


Another manly hunting movie from Howard Hawks, this one starring John "The Man" Wayne, another member of the Manliness Hall of Fame. This movie is so manly that it barely has a plot, just John Wayne hanging out with his big game hunting buddies, who capture big, wild, and dangerous animals so they can be put in zoos. In between the action, they shoot the breeze and hang out, just like in all the best Hawks movies.


One of the reasons hunting is such a strong indicator of manliness is the possibility that any hunting trip could go awry and the hunters could end up in a struggle for survival against inbred hillbillies. That's what happens in "Deliverance," probably the manliest movie ever made featuring Ned Beatty getting forcibly sodomized. "Squeal, boy!"

"The Deer Hunter"

In "The Deer Hunter," hunting serves as more of a metaphor for war than anything else, although the combat scenes are enough to put hair on anyone's chest. Even more dangerous than hunting is Russian Roulette in the Vietnamese jungle-and Robert De Niro manages to make it out of a game in an escape that would make Rambo proud.

"Hard Target"

Another riff on "The Most Dangerous Game," "Hard Target" is an action movie from master director John Woo and featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme as a man who busts up a human-hunting racket. Rich people pay for the privilege of hunting down specially selected homeless victims and killing them. Even if you're a hunter, you'll probably admit this practice is ethically questionable at best. The manliness surges as Wilford Brimley rides away from a huge explosion on a horse and Jean-Claude Van Damme punches out a rattlesnake.