Everyone loves hospitals. They're clean, healthy, full of nice people and potential new friends for life. So it's only reasonable that you'd want to live the "hospital life" vicariously through a feature film. These six hospital movies should scratch you right where you're itching. Actually, you should probably get that checked, it looks inflamed.

"Fantastic Voyage"

Hospitals are plenty exciting as it is, with all the life-and-death tension and recreational drug use going on. But that doesn't mean there's no room for some good old-fashioned science fiction whiz-bangery. More specifically, when an important diplomat is almost assassinated, it's up to a crack team of scientists to get on board a ship, become miniaturized, and travel into the diplomat's body to rescue him. It's just like what goes on in a real hospital, but even more fun!



Nurses are an integral part of any hospital, keeping all the moving parts operating smoothly and the patients from trying to escape. And Pam Grier's Coffy is great at her job as a nurse - but when her sister falls victim to the city's drug pushing scumbag community, Grier takes off her hospital whites and puts on a giant afro and head-exploding shotgun. Sometimes a nurse can send people to the hospital, too.


"Red Beard"

Medicine was a lot different in ancient Japan than it is now, but some things were the same: The rich get access to better care than everybody else. So it's up to a few civic-minded doctors to do the job of caring for the poor for little money as opposed to a more glamorous and high-paying job. Toshiro Mifune is one of those doctors, nicknamed "Red Beard" because of his brown goatee. In one amazing scene, Red Beard rescues a young girl from a brothel, using his medical knowledge in conjunction with martial arts to hit the members of the gang fighting him where it hurts.



Michael Crichton is known for his brainy scifi thrillers about robots or dinosaurs, but he directs this movie about an insidious medical conspiracy with plenty of confidence. The conspiracy is that certain patients are being intentionally put into comas so they can be fodder for some kind of organ-harvesting operation. It's almost enough to make someone hate hospitals!


"One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest"

Not all hospitals are for people with appendicitis or broken limbs. Some of them are called "mental hospitals," and as a general rule they're much more entertaining than regular hospitals. That's certainly the case here, as Jack Nicholson's RP McMurphy leads a loveable band of misfits to rise up against the oppressive hospital system. This is the 70s, though, so they don't get the happy ending they might deserve.



One dirty little secret about hospitals is they sometimes have a room downstairs where they keep the dead people. That room is given special attention in this classic horror-comedy, featuring a young medical student who invents a "reagent" that can be injected into dead bodies and, well, re-animate them. This unfolds about as you'd expect, with plenty of gore, mayhem, and one scene of forced oral sex with a disembodied head. No wonder a stay in a hospital costs a fortune these days.