"This is not a love story," you were warned when 500 Days of Summer began. Yet when Joseph Gordon Levitt's character begins to fall for Summer Finn, you can't help but root for their love to work out, even though Summer is a girl who doesn't believe in love. People watch romantic dramas and comedies to feel a little bit of the same highs and lows the characters do. If you're a true masochist, check out these films which like "500 Days of Summer", are horrifically sad and yet bring you moments of laughter and hope.

Tristan + IsoldeYou might be used to James Franco as a slacker misfit kid in "Freaks and Geeks" or as the goofy stoner guy in "Pineapple Express", but this film will show you his melancholic, brooding hero side. This doomed to fail love story between a man in line for Britain's throne and the woman forced to marry the King of Britain will keep you hoping they find a way to end up together.

Like Crazy. Jacob and Anna fall for each other instantly when they meet in college. It's the kind of love without the manic drama of passionate affairs, but with a sense of comfort and ease that you can only feel when you're a true match. But Anna's study visa expires and when she overstays, she gets deported and barred from entering the United States. This long distance relationship film is an honest look at whether the strongest of bonds can endure.

Candy. In one of Heath Ledger's finer works, he portrays one half of an addict couple that feel the highs and lows of cocaine as well as each other's passion. Like "500 Days of Summer", the moment they meet is joyful and full of bliss but when the relationship grows, things get all too real. This horrifically sad film makes "500 Days of Summer" look like a Disney cartoon.

Wicker Park. Josh Hartnett looks his finest in Wicker Park as he falls for a beautiful Diane Kruger, who plays a ballerina. When an equally beautiful woman falls for him, her feelings aren't reciprocated. The deeply in love couple is split apart by the other woman's jealousy. Both end up living their lives apart, but unable to forget each other. The angst of this horrifically sad movie hits all the right spots if you're looking for a good cry.

Atonement. Atonement is a love story between two friends who finally admit to each other that their feelings have changed into something deep and all-consuming. After a passionate tryst against a bookshelf in a library, the couple is torn apart by tragedy, lies and war. This film spans the years they endure apart, hoping to one day be reunited. This gut wrenching film portrays a love so deep it survives even when nothing else does.

The Notebook. This classic romance movie is full of laughs, a pair of horrific parents, an unfortunate separation and an epic reunion. Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams make "The Notebook" a film that's sure to be watched by coming generations.