Labor can be a long and arduous task, with rigors that leave the mother to be irreparably damaged in both a physical and mental sense. Yet. it is all worth it. As soon as you have had the first glimpse of your new born child, you are instantly in love. In the movies, labor tends be a little more on the disturbing side. Sometimes it's played for laughs, and sometimes for shock value, but either way the six horrific movie pregnancies on this will make you think about wrapping it before tapping it.

"Twilight, Breaking Dawn : Part 1." The adventures of Bella and Edward have been a rather a tepid affair for a story that involves both vampires and werewolves. But the birthing scene in the recently released installment has been causing so much commotion that it has triggered seizures in cinemas nationwide, mainly due to flashes of red, black and white throughout the scene, but I'm guessing that R-Patz acting doesn't help either.

"Baby Mama." Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are the duel queens of television comedy. Their feature film collaboration is a joyous event filled with laughs that even make child birth seem like fun, until Poehler's scream for drugs screech through you till it hits your spine.

"Knocked Up." The film that turned Seth Rogen into a star also features some hugely authentic and disturbing shots of a baby crowning out of Katherine Heigl's nether regions. Going into too much description would only lead to men and women joining together in unison to never create another child again, but there is blood, mucous and plenty of other gooey stuff to make a life of celibacy seem like a pretty good idea.

"Junior." Arnold Schwarzenegger giving birth. Just thinking about is enough to make your head explode, but suffice it to say that yes, it is as awful as you can imagine.

"Rosemary's Baby." Sometimes the act of giving birth itself isn't the most traumatic event of being pregnant. It's the nine months that precede it. Roman Polanki's classic horror depicts the frantic mindset of a pregnant woman who fears that her husband has made a pact with their eccentric neighbors to give them their child in return for a successful acting career. I've heard worse reasons for wanting out of a relationship.

"She's Having A Baby." Now that you have a child, i's goodbye to late-night drinking and late-morning rises, with your new life now filled with 3:00 am feedings and consoling your infant until they return to their slumber. John Hughes' 1988 drama does a fantastic job of showing audiences how hard it is to leave that life behind.