6 High-Profile Actor Bromances

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"When he gets off the phone, let's ask him what other movies he's going to put us in." 

We have already spend a fair amount of time discussing the kindred spirits that actors and directors can become, forming bromances that can last for up to half a century, but what of actors befriending actors? It seems that while their long-term partnerships aren’t as high-profile as Scorsese and Leo or Tim Burton and Johnny Depp, they’re not to be ignored, because in these instances, you have to deal with both people on screen. So I hope for your sake you don’t love one and hate the other, otherwise you are subjecting yourself to some very conflicting moviegoing experiences.

Here’s the list, friend-o’s.

Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller

These guys have starred in a few movies together, (Zoolander, Starsky and Hutch), but you would be amazed how many other films they’ve just appeared in together, leading me to believe that they both suffer from a cripplingly co-dependent relationship in which they break down in tears if they’re not acting with each other. Just a theory.

Beyond the aforementioned pair of movies, Stiller and Wilson have appeared in the three Meet the Parents films (God willing, there will be no fourth), The Royal Tenenbaums, two Night at the Museums, The Cable Guy, and Permanent Midnight. These guys must really like each other. Either that or they share a really, really, really lazy agent.

Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci

Yup. Goodfellas, Raging Bull, and Casino. Those were the most high-profile films for the duo, but they could almost be attributed more to Martin Scorsese than the actors. However, they’ve also teamed up in A Bronx Tale, Once Upon A Time In America, and The Good Shepherd. So while they may not have the numbers that the Stiller/Wilson tag team has, they do have a lot more credibility behind their films, even if all but The Good Shepherd are some spin on the mob genre.

Does anyone have a problem with Pesci and De Niro doing a bunch more mob movies? Anyone at all? Didn’t think so.

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