When it comes to winning Emmy Awards, for every show like “Mad Men” that gets the recognition it deserves, there are plenty of cases of truly excellent shows that never won, or, in some cases, were never even nominated. If you think “Two and a Half Men” deserved Emmy nominations from 2006 through 2008, then your taste in quality TV should be called into question. Whatever the reason, there are some truly great television shows that were shunned and never got the shiny golden statue they deserved.

“Star Trek” - A show that became a pop-culture icon, spawned five spinoff television series and eleven movies, and still has legions of fans some forty years after it was canceled never won an Emmy Award for best series. Science fiction often gets shafted when it comes to the Emmy - “Battlestar Galactica anyone? - and “Star Trek” is the best example. Yes, it was nominated for “Outstanding Dramatic Series” in 1967 and 1968, but the fact is that it never won a single Emmy Award despite being a groundbreaking show that transformed what a good science fiction show ought to be.

“The Wire” - Did you ever watch “The Wire” on HBO? You wouldn't be in the minority if the answer is no. Though it didn't do well in the ratings, this show just might be the best television drama of the last decade. If you think that's hyperbole, it isn't. Sixty episodes of the show were broadcast from 2002 to 2008. Set in Baltimore, the show had a different theme for each of its five seasons. The show didn't showcase any name stars; instead it focused on great character actors to fill the cast. HBO has certainly gotten plenty of Emmy Awards for shows over the years, so why this one was overlooked – it never even got a nomination - is a bit inexplicable. The best guess is the show was too intricately plotted for a generation of TV watchers that have fifteen minute attention spans. Whatever the case, if you've never seen it, go rent it on DVD. You definitely will not be disappointed.

“Roseanne” – Yeah, Roseanne Barr is a bit nuts, but this show pretty much invented the “blue collar comedy” genre that is so popular today. A ratings juggernaut for almost all of its nine season on the air, this show about the middle-class Conner family never won an Outstanding Comedy Series Emmy – it wasn't even nominated. Individually, Roseanne managed one Emmy win and Laurie Metcalf got three, but the under-appreciated John Goodman never managed to snag an Emmy trophy despite four nominations.

“The Simpsons” - So “Family Guy” can get an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Comedy Series in 2009 but “The Simpsons” can't get one in any of the twenty-three seasons it's been on the air? That's a WTF moment if ever there was one. As Homer would say, “D'oh!” The show has won 10 Emmy awards in the Outstanding Animated Program category, but has never even been nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series. For a show that brought back animation to prime time TV, is the longest-running scripted television show ever, and has had such an effect on pop-culture, it's a real travesty that “The Simpsons” hasn't gotten that elusive Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series. Hopefully it will before it finally goes off the air in 2040 or something.

“The Honeymooners” - How the hell did this show never win an Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series? Basically, the show centered on wacky schemes to make money that never seemed to work out for the loveable bus-driving loser Ralph Kramden and his best friend, the sewer-working Ed Norton. Ralph would threaten domestic violence on his wise-cracking wife Alice (“One of these days... one of these days... Pow! Right in the kisser!”) but all would end well with Ralph planting a big one on Alice telling her, “Baby, you're the greatest.” As far as greatest goes, “The Honeymooners” goes down as maybe the top comedy to ever air. Period.